Our wardrobe is standing on itself. It is full of clothes and their weight helps it not to fall apart. It doesn't stop us from buying new stuff and from finding ways to make room for the new additions. We are not buying less but we are buying good pieces that will certainly last! Nowadays, people who buy clothes have to be aware of the quality, of the supply chain and by whom it has been produced. The esteem of a brand is no longer guaranteed by the respect of all the aims which matter above all. It's not a trend that Fashion has to respect environment, the people who make the clothes and the one who buy them. It has to be an equality and it's not a utopia anymore. It's now! 

Honest by Bruno Pieters goes hand in hand with this philosophy. "We believe that Fashion is about beauty and the story behind fashion can be equally beautiful. We want to give our customers the opportunity to shop with complete awareness of what they are buying. We want to produce all of our products in a life friendly way. We believe in the health of our clients skin. We want the impact of our products and activities on the environment and human health to be as small as possible." The project was created by Pieters, but the company also sells new collections from established and upcoming designers. They offer a whole range of investment pieces considering the work on raw materials that demand a lot of researches. Not all the established labels can give such transparency explaining the prices and the all process of production. It's about creating something that matters and that has a soul. Boxy and sharp shapes always have a serious impact on us. We love the play on proportions, the mix of fabrics and colors. We also like that the collection has this gender-less vibe. No need to edit a lot of pieces as Pieters focuses on the essentials: a coat, a suit, a dress, a pair of shorts, a skirt, a pair of pants and a bag. We want them all!

Pics From Honest By

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