W.A.R.M. TOP 10

1/ The Editorial: Corentin Renault by Thomas Whiteside for Wonderland Magazine

2/ The Movie Trailer:  Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens

3/ The Magazine Cover: Dazed Magazine Winter 2014

Cover by Ben Toms

4/ The Music Video: Eminem feat. Sia - Guts Over Fear

5/ The Model: Lara Stone for Versace "Eros" Fragrance

Pic by Mert & Marcus

6/ The Fashion Teaser: Announcing Chanel Métiers d'Art in Salzburg next Tuesday

7/ The Pre-Fall Collection: MM6

8/ The Ad Campaign: H&M Magical Holidays feat. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

9/ The Must Have: This COS SS15 Shirt

10/ The Archive: Maison Martin Margiela's 20th anniversary collection

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Cozy & Chic

For those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! While we're all laying around the house waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven, or rooting for their favorite dog to win the National Dog Show, or rooting for their favorite football team, or playing Just Dance on the Wii, just because we're getting cozy today doesn't mean we're not chic. Cozy up to this week's roundup and have a wonderful day!

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This is not an ad campaign of another airline company but Laurence Airline is a creative menswear label and a conscious project based between Abidjan ( in Ivory Coast) and Paris. This brand is literally an invitation to travel. The designer Laurence Chauvin-Buthand established her own "airline company" in 2010, she got the guts to create a relevant wardrobe for men with the likes of her African roots. Her brand is an exchange between two different cultures as she based the production of her products in Abidjan in accordance with a conscious and sustainable manufacturing practice. Nowadays, fashion is all about creativity, sustainability, awareness of the quality & the origins of the products, the working conditions of the people who made the garments and the respect of the environment. These qualities are not a standard for the majority of the business. Honest by brands are not growing at any corner of the streets. High street retailers and high fashion labels have to follow because it's the future of Fashion and there's no other way.

Katiola, Gagnoa, Tiassalé, Grand-Lahou, Yamoussoukro... these names surely do not mean something to you except if you are a Laurence Airlines hardcore fan or if you are born like me in Abidjan. These names are both cities of Ivory Coast and also a coat, a jacket, a shirt, trousers or shorts. They are sweet to my ears as they remind me of my childhood and my teenage years living in Africa. Laurence and I have a special connection with Africa. We are proud of our backgrounds and believe Africa is not a losing game. Her label produces a unique dialogue between fashion and Africa by staying away from the stereotypes and by purring forward the colors, the prints and the fabrics as a statement, a manifesto. But at the same time, by doing so, she never forgets the style which is bold, sophisticate and very daring. We love the story she tells through her collections and this idea of mixing different cultures and backgrounds deeply empowers her message and proves that there is another way to consider the future of fashion which may be in Africa. 

These pictures taken by Philippe Galowich come from the Laurence Airline website.



Fix The Internet

Sure, none of us can unsee the madness that KimK launched on the Internet... but we can certainly get on with our lives. Especially since the holidays are in full swing and, quite honestly, we're busy! Do you want to try the turtleneck thing? Are you gearing up for January resolutions by figuring out what you want out of life? Or do you just want to get out of town for a day? Whatever it is... enough with breaking the internet... let's get to fixing up our lives.

Links a la Mode: November 20th


W.A.R.M. TOP 10

1/ The Editorial: Blister in the Sun by Ben Grieme for 10 Men Magazine

2/ The Trailer: Cinderella by Kenneth Branagh [March 2015]

3/ The Magazine Cover: Issa Lish for Vogue Mexico by David Roemer 

4/ The Talk Of The Town: The 2015 Pirelli Calendar

5/ The Lookbook: TOPMAN SS15

6/ The Remix: Supernature - Beth Ditto X The Shoes

7/ The ModelLindsey Wixson by Matteo Montanari for TWIN Winter 2014

8/ The Fashion Film: Details of The Chanel Cruise Collection

9/ The Collab: James Long X River Island [out in February 2015]

10/ The Music Video: 7/11 - Beyoncé



TOPMAN Long Tee-Shirt
ZARA Trousers



We don't know if it's the same on the other side of the planet but here, in the Northern hemisphere, November is not really the sexiest and most exciting month of the year. It's cold, wet, dark, almost gloomy. However hard we try searching for a good reason to love November, we can't. So? What can we do? Close the blinds and hibernate till Christmas? That may be a possibility but not really productive. We, at W.A.R.M., have another option: pump up the volume and play these three songs! It will definitely brighten your days and make you forget about that outside it's raining cats and dogs!

It's been a while now since we've fallen in love with the British band Belle and Sebastian and their mesmerizing tunes. Their album Dear Catastrophe Waitress [out in 2003] has long been a safe bet and always a pleasure to play from time to time, not to mention their song The Boy with the Arab Strap, one of our favorites! After a few years break, they are back in the game with a brand new album named Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance [out in January] and this first single The Party Line. It's more electro and Pop yet, you can still feel the melancholy typical of the greatest Belle and Sebastian songs!

The Boy with the Arab Strap, our favorite Belle and Sebastian song.

What can we say about Hercules & Love Affair? They made us dance so hard in 2008, the year we met. We can still remember the wild Summer parties dancing to their insane beats and quivering to the heavenly voice of Antony Hegarty! So many good memories. Of course, this new song is not as perfect as Blind or Hercules' Theme but it's not a reason for not listening and dancing to it. Do You Feel The Same? is an extract from their 3rd album The Feast of the Broken Heart [out since May]. Let us give you two good reasons for listening to it: 90s vibes & dancers voguing! Nothing else to add. 

And you can still dance to Blind, Hercules and Love Affair's perfect hit.

Last but not least is our guilty pleasure of the moment (who said Taylor Swift? Don't know what you mean...): Bruno Mars feat. Mark Ronson (a quality assurance). This song Uptown Funk is already a classic and we can bet that many will dance to it on New Year's Eve. So don't wait till December 31st and start your training to have the perfect choreography!



We had already mentioned our love for shades of blue with the likes of Klein blue, Jil Sander blue and Acne Blue. Each brand has owned this specific hue of blue which is one of our favorite colors to wear adding  black, white and orange! It's always a perfect match! We have to add on this list Etudes Studio, a Parisian based collective established in 2012 designing menswear, books and also offering its creative services. This unique color is part of their DNA being their trademark as they named it Etudes Blue. They are using this color as a manifesto. We love the idea of a color being a concept. This color always appears somehow in their collections as they build a modern wardrobe for men. These contemporary pieces could go hand and in hand with others pieces from past and current collections as the attempt is to establish a complete and functional wardrobe. They design timeless and relevant pieces that will last. They do collaboration with artists which are really co-labs looking for editing unique fabrics that are another signature. Creativity, uniqueness and boldness are definitely part of their language. Etudes Studio obsesses us. We have to express this feeling. Their goods are affordable. It's not another upcoming brand with investment pieces. So now, you all know what you have to do!

 N°3 - SS2014

 N°4 - AW2014

N°5 - SS2015

The pictures come from the brand website.

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