We had already mentioned our love for shades of blue with the likes of Klein blue, Jil Sander blue and Acne Blue. Each brand has owned this specific hue of blue which is one of our favorite colors to wear adding  black, white and orange! It's always a perfect match! We have to add on this list Etudes Studio, a Parisian based collective established in 2012 designing menswear, books and also offering its creative services. This unique color is part of their DNA being their trademark as they named it Etudes Blue. They are using this color as a manifesto. We love the idea of a color being a concept. This color always appears somehow in their collections as they build a modern wardrobe for men. These contemporary pieces could go hand and in hand with others pieces from past and current collections as the attempt is to establish a complete and functional wardrobe. They design timeless and relevant pieces that will last. They do collaboration with artists which are really co-labs looking for editing unique fabrics that are another signature. Creativity, uniqueness and boldness are definitely part of their language. Etudes Studio obsesses us. We have to express this feeling. Their goods are affordable. It's not another upcoming brand with investment pieces. So now, you all know what you have to do!

 N°3 - SS2014

 N°4 - AW2014

N°5 - SS2015

The pictures come from the brand website.

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