We don't know if it's the same on the other side of the planet but here, in the Northern hemisphere, November is not really the sexiest and most exciting month of the year. It's cold, wet, dark, almost gloomy. However hard we try searching for a good reason to love November, we can't. So? What can we do? Close the blinds and hibernate till Christmas? That may be a possibility but not really productive. We, at W.A.R.M., have another option: pump up the volume and play these three songs! It will definitely brighten your days and make you forget about that outside it's raining cats and dogs!

It's been a while now since we've fallen in love with the British band Belle and Sebastian and their mesmerizing tunes. Their album Dear Catastrophe Waitress [out in 2003] has long been a safe bet and always a pleasure to play from time to time, not to mention their song The Boy with the Arab Strap, one of our favorites! After a few years break, they are back in the game with a brand new album named Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance [out in January] and this first single The Party Line. It's more electro and Pop yet, you can still feel the melancholy typical of the greatest Belle and Sebastian songs!

The Boy with the Arab Strap, our favorite Belle and Sebastian song.

What can we say about Hercules & Love Affair? They made us dance so hard in 2008, the year we met. We can still remember the wild Summer parties dancing to their insane beats and quivering to the heavenly voice of Antony Hegarty! So many good memories. Of course, this new song is not as perfect as Blind or Hercules' Theme but it's not a reason for not listening and dancing to it. Do You Feel The Same? is an extract from their 3rd album The Feast of the Broken Heart [out since May]. Let us give you two good reasons for listening to it: 90s vibes & dancers voguing! Nothing else to add. 

And you can still dance to Blind, Hercules and Love Affair's perfect hit.

Last but not least is our guilty pleasure of the moment (who said Taylor Swift? Don't know what you mean...): Bruno Mars feat. Mark Ronson (a quality assurance). This song Uptown Funk is already a classic and we can bet that many will dance to it on New Year's Eve. So don't wait till December 31st and start your training to have the perfect choreography!

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