The question of modernity and creativity is at the core of our daily posts. We are expressing this position in our weekly looks of the day but how to wear an outfit in a new and modern way? How to bring new perspective to garments we have already worn? How to give you the impression of newness? How to pose in a uniform that goes beyond our comfort zone? How to be relevant? We are consuming fashion at a very fast scale. The demand for newness has to be taken into account but not too seriously because it should not take control of our freedom of expression. We have to be free to carry on doing what we believe is good for this blog. In our outfits of the day [#ootd], we are trying to stay away from trends. But we are aware of them, somehow loving them in magazine editorials or in digital publications. That's all. Trends are made to sell magazines. We are not part of those readers. We got inspired and that's it! Trends do not work with us. Style is what we consider above all. That's what makes the difference. Style is to stay forever while trends just last for a season.

When it comes to tracksuits, we are not losing our religion, we are just considering them to be the archetype of a modern uniform. Obviously we were allergic to it, even despising it. We were like "what do British designers think they're doing we those stupid garments? Are they trying to start a revolution in menswear?"  We were like that's a thing that should remain buried to the grounds. We were talking like a magazine saying what people should do and should not do! That's not who we are! We hate diktat! So we reconsidered the collections with the likes of Christopher Shannon and Christopher Kane. We had to wonder why tracksuits are so relevant to them. These guys are not making trends but they create clothes for men that will stay and last forever. They bring up something from their backgrounds and certainly have a personal explanation for editing sophisticate tracksuits that, we believe, are the new versions of a casual suit such as a jacket and a pair of jeans for the weekend. There is also something very British by referring to 90's subcultures such as Brit Pop, rave and club kids. These are signature pieces that have become trendy when they came into the hands of Kaiser Karl for the Chanel Sporty AW 14 collection. Shannon and Kane have brought up uniqueness and boldness to a trivial and profane sporty uniform that people like us were actually ashamed to wear. Their signature tracksuits are the only ones we could consider wearing because they have succeeded in capturing Britishness. As you may already know, we have a strong addiction to the British culture. So, we will surrender. Perhaps we are losing our religion!

Christopher Kane AW14 Mad Scientist Collection

Christopher Shannon AW14 Collection

All these pictures come from the Opening Ceremony Blog.

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