It was certainly a week for tribes who love waiting long hours outside in the cold November. By tribes we mean the street culture generation of Alexander Wang attending the supa dupa capsule collection of the year with the high street giant H&M this Thursday and the crows (as they were called in the 90s) or we don't how to qualify the new and the old lovers of Comme Des Garçons gathering today in an industrial space in Paris for a huge sample sale called Market Market Town. For Wang X H&M we were hoping to grab some pieces online but we were way too naïve and thus, completely failed. We couldn't have any access to the H&M website and were supposed to wait in some online queue as if it were virtually possible! What the f***! Obviously, the collection was sold out by the end of Thursday. That's the power of one of the hottest names in high fashion. So, another big name dragged us to Paris today. We were so excited when we received the invitation by mail to the first non-virtual sample sale of our lives! The one we will never forget, the one from one of the brands we love the most! We had the chance that the Comme des Garçons Market Market Town was in Paris this year since we heard that each year it goes from one city to another. A brief overview of the worshippers of CGD queuing today made us think about how cosmopolitan and heterogeneous they were. Different generations, different backgrounds but all waiting for the epiphany, for the clothes just like Posh Spice herself rushing through the crowd to the premises to get some iconic and timeless products of the "tentacular" Japanese luxury brand. Obviously, it was the idea of a beautiful chaotic market as Rei Kawakubo did with her Dover Street Markets. A shut down warehouse in the East of Paris where the different wardrobes from the main lines ( CDG and CDG Homme Plus) to the diffusion lines (Black CDG, CDG Shirt and CDG CDG) from established lines like Junya Watanabe to upcoming designers like Jacquemus and Gosha Rubchinskiy, it was the spirit of an organized chaos she loves in the punkiest soundtrack, the slogans on the walls or in the art pieces standing to welcome you in a unique way. We were in Heaven and we are pretty sure that Heaven looks like this afternoon experience! It was a shopping therapy buying high fashion at very affordable prices (almost an understatement)! In a minute, we had forgotten all about our Wang misfortune! There is even no comparison at all because here, we could wander for hours without any pressure of any kind. We were definitely in Heaven. We were surprised by the quality of the samples because it was not only the pieces that people didn't want but more a mix of everything. The offer was very large to satisfy everybody who had an affliction for the Comme Des Garçons goods and, whatever you chose to buy, you just had to remember to live free like Comme Des Garçons.

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