Matthew Miller is standing for freedom of speech considering it as the last authentic form of art. The visual language of art is the main reference to what he creates. He doesn't consider Fashion as a form of art, it is just a product and a way of expression. He is a talented storyteller portraying a young generation fighting for protecting and keeping their freedom, a young generation who wants to be heard and who wants people to be who they are and not surrendering to the majority. It's not a surprise that he called his Spring Summer 2015 Socialist Youth , an international movement aiming at disrupting the capitalist system and putting power in the people's hands. We have in mind slogans from Comme Des Garçons current and past collections such as "the majority is always wrong" , "live free with strong will",  "my energy comes from my freedom and rebellious spirit",  "live free and die strong comme des garçons",  M.I.A's "Born free", Cat Power's "Nothing but Time" and many others. Miller's work is full of these irreverent feelings. We do not particularly consider ourselves as Socialist Youth boys but we are just fashion freak folks who do believe that freedom is the only thing one should protect religiously and carefully. Nowadays, it's a shame that people have to fight for their freedom. Miller's collections have a strong impact on us because we really stand and care for people's freedom.

The Spring Summer 2015 collection focuses on the idea of a society downfall. Miller exaggerates the dystopian vibe as the silhouettes are embellished with flower crowns for funeral. His army is mourning the lack of freedom, the lack of choice as boys and girls are wearing a martial pinstripe uniforms. Miller's weapon is to use archetypes of the menswear's wardrobe such as pinstripe, breaking it, tearing it and creating a new pattern that is embellished with slogan such as "anti social", "anti youth", "anti you" and "anti war". Miller proposes a new pinstripe uniform made out of surprising and intriguing patchworks. It is viral just like the interpretation of menswear classic pieces such as a biker jacket, a suit, a vest and a sweater. Apart from the manifesto of this collection, we love Miller's radical design pushing menswear to its limits. Menswear is suffering from a lack of propositions. Men don't have many ways to pump up their wardrobes. That's why we adore what Miller is bringing to menswear. Miller is a rebel with a lot of causes and we have to follow his designs because he has something to say! "I never saw beauty as being something that was a physical object. I fundamentally see beauty as being a moment in time, a fleeting feeling, a scar, a memory, an experience, a sense of freedom." Do we have to add anything?

Backstage pictures by Russ McClintock via DazedDigital

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