The best way to be prepared to see an exhibition is somehow to turn your mind in condition and to free it from any disturbance of any kind. We remember that one day at the Louis Vuitton Fondation in Paris we jumped into a black furry elevator with no lights to attend an exhibition. We didn't know what to expect when we came out. It was a bit weird but it worked very well. It is the kind of training you have to experience to enjoy the work of Viviane Sassen. This woman is one of our favorite photographers and one of the best in the world. Her work is unique and very recognizable because it has her signature. Sassen literally opens your mind to a new perspective. Her pictures carries you away into a new dimension out of time and space. She succeeds in creating a surreal new world that strikes you and makes you think. We have come across her work through canonical editorials in Fashion magazines like Pop and Dazed and Confused with images that will always remain in our minds. She knows how to capture the body language in such a unique way. Every picture is a work of art. We'd love to catch the next Eurostar to attend her retrospective Analemma: Fashion Photograpy 1992-2012 in London at The Photographer's Gallery. But it's not possible. We are going to miss this retrospective but be sure we are going to add her books on top of our Xmas wishlist!

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PoP February 2012 (via We Folk)

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