If you are a fervent follower/reader of our blog, you won't be surprised by what we are about to say: "We love Cheap Monday!". It's not a coming out and not a shameful admission of any kind at all! We are proud of loving this brand because it's cool, modern, free-minded and it always succeeds in catching something in the air du temps, not necessarily something trendy but something that, each time, we want, need and immediately adore. That's the power of Cheap Monday: style instead of trends.
For their Pre-Spring 2015, the designers decided to look toward a concept we are particularly sensitive to: Junk Art. This concept is all about turning everyday objects or even unwanted goods into art, into something desirable. From this idea of Junk Art came the idea of Ready Made (that's why it speaks to us): "a mass-produced article, chosen at random, isolated from its usual context and presented as a work of art". Ok, perhaps we are going too far but when we saw the name of this collection PRIMARY JUNK, our hearts went BOOM! And when we saw the clothes, BOOM BOOM BOOM [not a reference to Mika's latest shitty song]. Of course, there is denim (what would be Cheap Monday without denim?) but this time, there is a twist, a big twist, a colourful twist: tape! Colourful pieces of tape reminding us of the brush strokes on the Céline SS14 clothes or some Helmut Lang iconical jackets. The clothes featured in this Pre-Spring collection are the basis of a modern wardrobe (a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, a denim jacket, a sweater, a jumper, a denim shirt...) but all these pieces are embellished and somehow "rebooted" by these tape appliqués

As far as we are concerned, our favourite pieces (the ones we can perfectly picture in our wardrobes) are the women's denim jacket worn over a long-sleeved striped tee, the loose knitted jumper worn along with the tight new black skinny jeans and the taped tote bag & cap. But that's just a succinct list and many other items could be added to this wishlist. So rush to cheapmonday.com to discover the whole collection and to be mesmerized by this primary junk!

Pics via cheapmonday.com

The definition of Ready Made can be found on www.visual-arts-cork.com

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