Shayne Oliver and Virgil Abloh are definitely the two streetwise established talents whose brands (respectively Hood By Air and Off White) are shaking up the post internet era. They have a lot of followers meaning that every cool kid on the planet has their names on his/her lips or got their names on his/her clothes. It's a post internet era but the logomania of the 90's has made a serious comeback. People who choose to wear their clothes will definitely stand through the crowd. Their silhouettes are very recognizable and very codified. These brands are very young but they are growing quickly and furiously because of their outstanding success. These two street core geniuses have gathered a lot of hardcore followers who look like boys and girls in the uniform of the brands walking the streets of every capital of fashion like members of a gang. Oliver and Abloh have succeeded in capturing this post internet world we are living in and in establishing their brands as the archetype of modernity. That's why we bring up these two brands as part of our Best Of 2014 not as the ones to watch but as the ones to follow on Instagram (if it's not already the case), to buy and to talk about. We haven't seen these two coming so we can also consider them as the unexpected moment of 2014. We certainly have missed something but now we fully understand their unique dialogue with fashion. They have added their own Street Goth alphabet to fashion (somehow as Rick Owens's offsprings) taking reference from the youth and street subcultures. They can no longer be considered as the next cool brands on everyone's lips but at the same time, they are more than a mere sensation. They are just relevant.

All these pictures come from Tumblr

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