As part of our Retrospective of the year and though Fashion is what occupies the biggest part in our minds ad hearts, we have to tell you about the other things we have loved in 2014. There are so many other things that have inspired us, shaken us, thrilled us, impressed us...

We could have talked about the mind-blowing Gone Girl with the more than surprising Rosamund Pike, we could have written about Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, a pleasure for eyes with a stellar cast, we could have mentioned the utterly fun Guardians of the Galaxy, the scandalous Bonello's Saint Laurent or the satirical & dark Maps to the Stars. All these pictures would have deserved an article to tell you how much we have loved them. Yet, among all the movies we have seen this year, there is clearly one that stands apart: Mommy by Xavier Dolan. We have been loving the work of this Canadian prodigy since his first movie J'ai Tué Ma Mère (I Killed My Mother) in 2009 when he was only 20 because he has a unique vision of what a movie should be. His aesthetics mixing perfect images with music give his movies a very recognizable touch. Just like a Tarantino or a Wong Kar Wai, you know it when you're watching a Dolan's movie. We have loved each and every movie of him from Les Amours Imaginaires [Heartbeats] to Tom à la Ferme (also out this year) including Laurence Anyways. To say that we were waiting for Mommy would be an understatement, we were craving to see it and its presentation back in May at the Cannes Film Festival made us even more impatient. The reviews were incredible, people were flabbergasted by this movie and its cast. We could only dream of the Palme d'Or for Xavier Dolan. It would have been so well-deserved. Ok, the Grand Prize is not so bad we guess but the jury led by Jane Campion should have had the balls to give him more than this. We were in May and we, in France, had to wait almost 5 long months before having the chance to watch it. The wait would be never-ending. The first trailer during Summer made us even more excited. OMG I could remember the shivers running through my body as I was watching it, I could almost feel tears coming to my eyes and I can still feel them as I'm writing this post. 

Sometimes when you're waiting for something too hard, the moment your desire is satisfied, there's a mixed feeling of joy and disappointment. I knew that though we were waiting for Mommy this hard, disappointment would never come into consideration. From the bottom of my heart, I knew it. Only a few movies have overwhelmed me/us the way Mommy did. As far as I (Charles) am concerned, I could mention for very different reasons Les Chansons d'Amour, Elephant or Bridges to Madison County, I think Mommy goes even beyond these experiences. Even now, I can't quite describe what has moved me so deeply. Perhaps and almost certainly, the mother and son story, the fact that this mum would have done everything possible (even the worse) for her son. We all have peculiar links with our mothers, we all have our own stories with them and in that way, Mommy is completely universal. It may also lay in the fact that this movie is a portrait of broken people, each in their own way, dealing with their own issues and fighting for something lighter, happier. Aren't we all in this position after all? It is so hard for me to write about Mommy, it's insane! I could not imagine that all the things I wanted to say would mix and move me this much. I guess it's the power of great movies: not being able to write about them, not being able to use words to describe them. You just have to have your own experience, to form your opinion and enjoy your own ride. One thing is sure, I'm glad and grateful for Mr Dolan for making me feel this way. I cried rivers, my body was shaking, my inner self exploded but I'm grateful for having experienced it.

Thank You Xavier Dolan. Long Live You & Your Movies.

Korean posters for Mommy

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