The business of fashion is definitely global and worldwide. Just with a simple click you can have access to a large range of goods that are very close to you thanks to the virtual experience of shopping. No need to go on a trip to a far far away destination. You just have to go to gigantic online market like Farfetch that connects the shopper to a large scale of never-closing shops and outlets around the world. Fashion is one the biggest economies but it also tends to be the smallest market thanks to the extend of this virtual shopping that guarantees a non-ending experience. These numerous online palaces dedicated to shopping are offering many periods of discount of any kind. There's no need to rush. Now people can wait until the good season of bargain to start. One can get honest by clothes that have a soul, that will last and that respect the environment and the people who made them at exciting low prices. 

This time of the year is the magical season of Sample sale, Mid-season sale, Black Friday sale and of Cyber Monday sale. We went to Market Market Town last month. We went to Oak Paris last week-end. To be aware of all these exciting events you just have to subscribe to the brands' newsletters or follow them on any social networks. Anybody can have access and participate to these events. This is one of the several advantages of the digital revolution or of the age of over communication. You just have to be very selective bearing in mind to always choose well. It's easy as ABC! Fashion is one of the fastest economies too. The SS15 new seasons products are landing on every physical and virtual shops in the world. The AW14 pieces are going to disappear on sale but they are no garbage at all. The AW14 season is over but people can and should carry on wearing them and the pieces from past seasons. There's always a value in well-made garments no matter the season. We are not ready to make room for new seasons items because we have not fully enjoyed the one from last seasons and the one from seasons before. We are currently looking for second hand and somehow vintage pieces from collections obsessing us. The trend is to grab the new season items at the second they are landing in stores, wearing them once or twice and that's it. Don't follow trends! Don't be fashion weak! Don't surrender to fast-consumption! Let's take advantage of the joy of the cyber market world!


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