Awarding Alexander Wang as designer of the year was not an easy choice. It is quite impossible to say who deserves it the most. Which qualities a designer should have to be the best? Actually we don't know. It's not a fair choice but we had to do it. Honestly, we chose Wang because at the moment, his name means a lot to people all around the world. His name has been literally on everyone's lips throughout 2014.But, on the other hand, we could have celebrated Nicolas Ghesquière instead. He has been the breakout news of 2014 too. His comeback was announced like the return of some fashion hero or Jesus as if one man could save the entire industry from the lack of creativity and boldness. Compared to the arrival of Wang at Balenciaga, Ghesquière's appointment has never been questioned. His name also means a lot to the fashion industry, perhaps not to all the human beings (that's why Ghesquière with H&M is unlikely to happen). But is it enough to bring Louis Vuitton and its travel legacy to the post internet era? Yes, it is! Considering his outstanding work for Balenciaga. Ghesquière is the master of Retro-Futurism. His role at Louis Vuitton will  be easy considering his first anticipated collections that have serious arguments (the models, the clothes, the bags and accessories) to attract and to monopolize many editorials and magazine covers that are going to sell because of him. Even Rei Kawakubo loves him & his products as Dover Street Market have sold the Louis Vuitton AW14 collection. She has collaborated with him as well as other artists for a capsule collections of hyper luxury accessories. His power of attraction is limitless. That's why awarding Nicolas Ghesquière as designer of 2014 was not enough. In our opinion, Ghesquière has already won so many categories such as the best collection, the best accessories, the best ad campaigns, the best soundtrack, the best fashion show, the best casting,...he has worked with Freja Beha, his muse and friend is Charlotte Gainsbourg, he has said NO to Anna Wintour's regular backstage preview of a collection....etc....every woman wants to marry him...every man wants to be with him....(we could carry on and on like this but you all know what we are talking about). Actually he has been honored at the British Fashion Award 2014 as  the winner of the international designer prize. There's no award to acknowledge his work and his influence over the industry. His arrival at Louis Vuitton is clearly a new beginning. It's like the opening scene of 2001, Space Odyssey. It's a new dawn for the industry. "It's time to wake up!"

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  1. While I do believe AW is making a name, I am beginning to connect the dots between his work for various design houses and I'm seeing him burning out (which I don't want to see happening). I do so dearly hope he manages to keep up the AMAZING work, but he needs a break. A LOOOONG one!

  2. Oh yeah! Which also means, no more 'lazy-minimalism' (not to be confused with minimalism)