As part of our 2014 Retrospective, we could not forget to write about Music. Ok, Fashion is what occupies most of our spirits & hearts but music also has its share, an important share. As a daily inspiration and as a driving force to write articles for We Are Ready Made, to wake up, to find the energy and motivation to go to work, to release the pressure, to dance (sometimes in an uncontrolled way). Music is essential to us! When it came to make a list of the songs and artists that enliven our year, we quickly came to the conclusion that we mostly listened to female artists from very different universes but with the same goal: showing that Girl Power is more than alive!

Though I (Charles) will mostly use the "We" (Yann & I) in this post, the first artist I'd love to talk about is my favourite of 2014 but still a mystery to Yann. Am I clear? Christine and the Queens is my absolute coup de coeur of the year and quite like Mommy, Xavier Dolan's movie, her songs work with me like something pretty inexplicable but completely moving and haunting. I could literally listen to her first album Chaleur Humaine, ten times a day. I love her texts (even if sometimes you have to listen to them several times to get it), her phrasing, her melodies, the feelings she wants to convey through them, her way of moving and occupying a space, her boyish style and I could go on and on... She is simply unique, a kind of UFO you'll have to tame to get the gist and enter her world. I'm not sure she is already famous all around the world but you, fellow readers from another part of the world, you should definitely start listening to her (no matter what you will understand - she mostly sings in French) if you want to be carried away in another galaxy.

We had the chance to attend some really cool gigs that will stay for sure in our minds for a long time. Au Revoir Simone, the band from New York and their delicate & perfect melodies. You can't help smiling and moving slowly when you have these girls in front of you. It was a really cute moment and the next time, they'll come to France, we'll be there! Owlle, the opening act of Au Revoir Simone has also been a nice discovery. This French girl knows how to make people dance with her punchy songs. To be honest, the shows we have loved the most this year were from two eccentric girls from Great Britain. Ok, one, Ebony Bones, is perhaps more eccentric than the other, La Roux, but they have their very own style, highly recognizable and their songs made us dance till the end of the night and way after the end of their shows. It was crazy and wet! The first one created a kind of energy ball that destroyed everything in its wake. Insane! Yann will remember long the moment she got down the stage to grasp him and dance with him! La Roux did not get down the Bataclan stage but there was a huge communion with her audience. Something deeply human and affectionate. She was here to make us dance, to make us sing and bounce with her songs (a perfect mix of old and news ones, so many hits!). We had been waiting for her concert for a long time and had not been disappointed. She is a wonderful artist that would deserve a larger audience. Her latest album Trouble in Paradise is so so good (such songs as Tropical Chancer, Silent Partner or Kiss And Not Tell made us dance so hard!) we don't understand the timid reception.

We cannot write such a post without mentioning Kiesza surfing on a 90s wave full of Hoooooooo and Haaaaaaaa, Robyn with Röyksopp and their perfect mini album full of obsessing tunes, Yelle and her crazy delicious pop songs, Nicky Minaj and her insane Anaconda that proved us that moving your ass can be an art, Iggy Azalea (another girl famous for her butt) who has made all the possible featurings this year or Nancy Whang with The Juan MacLean that has been electrifying us for years now!

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