The launch of the Pre-Fall season means the landing of Pre-Spring and Spring for some labels meaning, as far as we're concerned, the appearance of new season obsessions. There's already a lot to think of. We accept the fact that we're addicted freaks. This time of the year is very exciting and our wishlist is growing to a dramatic scale. How does all this craziness work? We start by establishing a list of the best season collections, then we have our current/daily check-up of our favorite websites that are going to curate the collections we love. That's it! Now you can see how fashion freaks we are! Ad campaigns don't have a serious impact on us. We are bulletproof! We know exactly what we want and don't have to wait for the SS15 campaigns of Raf Simons and Alexander Wang to be infatuated. People who are suffering from obsessive afflictions don't need ad campaigns. Some brands are aware of this fact and know they don't need campaigns. We are part of these people. 

Resort collections are more commercial than main collections. Designers have to sum up their vision in a few looks that will sell very fast and very furious. The least we can say is that with his Resort 2015, Alexander Wang definitely does drive us crazy. He gives a lot of attitude to his Resort girls: 18 looks expressing modernity, coolness, sexiness or wetness. Wang is capturing with this collection beauty in trivial places like when you are doing your laundry considering the background. Or perhaps he is trying to refer to the recycling process of mixing your clothes together in washing machines that will produce these seductive colors and graphical effects. Does he want his designs to be at the interzone of different subcultures? Maybe we are looking for too many explanations. His girls can be girls who pretend to be boys and girls who love boys/girls but they are always sexy. Here, they are wet not to say hot in the black and white pieces that are trademarks of the brand, surprising in the sheer tie and dye uniforms and tribal in the explosive canvas garments. Wang sets our minds in fire delivering a lot of pieces that will keep us obsessed. We can't forget the barcode logo pieces, the denim blue cargo  trousers, the knitted "wet" sweatshirt and dress with the mesh detail. This collection is another Wang winning collection to add on our wishlist of favorite collections including his last collab with H&M. We must admit that we missed a thing at the launch of WangxHm. We missed the pieces that should be standing in our wardrobe. We don't even have time to put this obsession away that we have to consider this new one! Wang's utilitarian aesthetics really works as he captures this idea and makes it essential to people who wants to own these pieces. Do we really need all these new season burden obsessions? We don't! That's the inexplicable power of fashion to push people buying things they don't need. We are part of these people too. We are definitely poor fashion freaks!

The  Lookbook comes from Style.com and you can pre-order this collection here.

It's not the first time we talk about our great affliction for Simons so let the pictures talk by themselves.

Backstage pictures come from DazedDigital and you can pre-order Raf Simons X Adidas here

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  1. I love some of the hair dews they are awesome styles.

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