We would like to wish you dear followers a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Full of good surprises! The other things we would like to add is to be happy, to live free and to not forget to stand out expressing who you really are! We haven't made a list of resolutions. We don't follow them. We would love to follow them for once in our lives but we are too weak. It's like fashion diktats. We love to listen to them. That's all! It's so useless! Yet, we believe in motto, keeping them in mind. These motto don't control our lives but they guide us in a way. They guarantee our freedom, our independence and our individuality. "Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last", "My Energy Comes From Freedom And Rebellious Spirit" and "Live Free With Strong Will". These slogans are essential to us. That's why we don't need any resolutions.

"Choose well and make it last" is easy to put into practice. When it comes to buy less, this is another matter! People cannot ignore the launch of the sale season meaning a lot of temptations, meaning huge discounts, meaning quantity of pieces that demand to be hanged in your wardrobes. There are so many products that pass the test of choose well. That's the big problem(remember we are weak)! There are so many goods that have the make it last label! That's a serious matter! Dealing with buy less is becoming easy as long as we can justify each purchase considering the uniqueness of a piece, explaining why we really need those or these jackets, these t-shirts and these shirts. These pieces from MATTHEW AMES FOR WEEKDAY - THE PRAIRIE COLLECTION are essential for us. Fortunately, these pieces have that sustainability vibe! They have been a great obsession as well as the LOVE YOU BACK t-shirt. Do we really need them? Yes, we do. It's not a compulsive buying. We are going to wear them through 2015. These pieces have a soul and they are made to last!

PRAIRIE BY MA Sleeveless Jacket
BACK Love You Back T-shirt
PRAIRIE BY MA Faux Leather Shirt

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  1. I totally agree! I plan on buying quality of quantity more now too.
    xoxo Aimee