Yann & I have a serious problem. An existential one that grows bigger and bigger week after week. A problem that seems to have no solution at all. The Kardashian Family. We are not haters. When we don't like/love something or somebody, we always think ignoring is the best weapon but for this particular problem, is ignorance enough? Can we really ignore them? We are not here to talk about a certain legitimacy because we already know the answer. Does a sex tape give you legitimacy? Does marrying the biggest megalomaniac (we are not talking about talent here) on Earth give you legitimacy? Does having all your comings and goings filmed and broadcast all over the world gives you legitimacy? Does being callipygian gives you legitimacy? We could go on and on... Fashion is always a question of highlighting the unusual or the one that will make people react but in this particular case, do we still want to react? We, at W.A.R.M., we do! It seems that nowadays people only accept the fact that this family is famous (we are still investigating the reasons of that fame) and take it for granted. It is what it is. Of course, this is not a problem in the strict sense of the term but it is annoying enough and deserves, in your opinion, a rant. We love Fashion, we adore Fashion, we are Fashion Freaks but sometimes Fashion exhausts us because it seems to go nowhere. Watching Mrs K.K.W. being knighted by some of our Fashion idols (Katie Grand or Carine Roitfeld) is painful because we know their talent is huge enough to avoid resorting to her and her gang. So why? Why do they need her to sell magazines? Of course, we are aware that she is the symbol of something going on in our world but does she really stand for something apart from easy fame and easy money? People say she has a certain sense of style. Perhaps. The most important word in this sentence being "certain". She has the money and the good connections to own clothes from the best designers. As far as we are concerned, we don't think that having the money and the right connections makes you a Style Icon. Being literal in the way you are wearing your clothes does not make you a Style Icon. So why? We guess that this question will remain unanswered and that all the thing going on around this family will continue. Next Christmas, we will still have "the pleasure" of watching the Love Advent Calendar with all the clique. Mama Jenner in her panties (seriously, who on Earth wants to watch that?!). Her daughter Kylie (who doesn't accept the fact that her sister Kendall is prettier, taller, slimmer, cooler, more famous, more natural and less botoxed than her) in her bra. Maybe Kourtney will be pregnant again and could show us her belly (just in case, someone on this planet wouldn't have already seen it). Isn't there a dog or a cat (or even a goldfish or a hamster) in this family because we are sure it could make a terrific Xmas video? Anyway, expect more. After all, more is certainly the best word to qualify them. And whether or not you want to see more, you will see more. Just like Alien, Freddy Krueger or Godzilla, you cannot escape the Kardashians...

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  1. As I always say, we love to love or we love to hate them. lol. (:

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  2. Living in India here we don't really hear about Kardashian until we stumble upon international editions of Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue et al. Or fashion blogs. And, even when I stumble upon, all I read about is how Kardashian is famous because she's is enjoying the fame that she doesn't (apparently) deserve. Glad, I have an option to *ignore* & still not know much or anything about Kardashian family (except Kanye, baby North and Kim of course) and go on to make a fashion illustration of Kendall Jenner!