Faustine Steinmetz creates denim that has nothing to do with the trivial pieces you can buy in a concept store or that are very far from the ones you could find in your good old favorite high street brands. What she produces are "iconic pieces, the kind everyone has or has had in their wardrobe at one stage", except they are all made by hand. "Each fabric is solely handwoven by one person using one of our traditional handlooms. Each piece is meticulously made by hand, with some pieces taking over a week to weave". We don't know the number of hours and days to build and finish her AW2015 collection, but we could imagine the huge amount of work and it's worth it. Artisanal denim is at the core of her dialogue with fashion that goes hand in hand with uniqueness, creativity, sustainability and boldness. It's all about applying the code of Couture to the most trivial and casual ready-to-wear piece. It's about high fashion meeting low and profane. The collection articulates around the process of hand dyeing, hand painting, hand knotting, hand weaving, hand sewing, hand shredding and hand embroidering. Think of the brushed jeans, the furry skirt, the denim coat-jacket embellished by silicone. These are made to order pieces we dream to have in our wardrobe: statement pieces that certainly have a soul. Faustine Steinmetz focuses on editing pieces that are relevant and that mean something to everyone through her high fashion standards with an uncompromising take on the creative process. She believes in craftsmanship over trend. That's why she caught the attention of such impressive stockists as Opening Ceremony and LN-CC and is shortlisted for the LVMH Prize for young fashion designers. She will soon be definitely on everyone's radar!

Pictures by Philip Trengove via Dazed

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