Soon after the Alexander Wang Autumn Winter 2015 collection, we posted this tweet: "we now know the taste of heavy metal thanks to @alexanderwang". This collection stands for the unexpected and radical definition of beauty going beyond health goth. It's a post internet era. Some are choosing the word cyber goth punk, others go for dark romantic heroes or even are referring to Hedi Slimane's heroine chic. This collection has all these vibes in its DNA, but at the end of the day, it's a ballsy move from Alexander Wang. He is trying very hard to give something new, disrupting with the Spring Summer sneaker culture. Here is another street culture collection mixing different subcultures with the likes of goth, punk and cyber-punk. This blackness and darkness are something part of Wang's trademark and they keep coming back into his collections. He certainly had this collection on his mind for a long time but now seemed the right time to dedicate a whole wardrobe to his dark obsessions. We have the impression that with this collection, he is telling us who his girl really is: radical, raw, sexy, irreverent, bold, ballsy, savage, erotic, free and sporty. This girl captures your attention, disturbs you and sometimes she even bothers you. The first look made us feel ill-at-ease.We're honestly not overreacting. This savage beauty excites us, disturbs us, we like it and want to see more. We were really dazed and confused. That's a definition of fashion for us: making you travel somewhere you wouldn't expect. Wang pushed the limits of femininity very far. Wet haired girls with attitudes, strong girls with no inhibitions who really stand in the streets. Girls like Anna, Binx, Hanne, Mica, Vanessa, Grace, Jamie, Catherine, Issa or Lexi. Think of all these "mean girls".Think of all the mesh metal dresses, the moon boots creepers, the shiny bombers, the metallic embellishments, the leather polo-necks layered under the body conscious knitted dresses. It was sweetly provocative and a little perverse like Marilyn Manson. Two things that don't match together but that's definitely working for Wang!

 Pictures by Lea Colombo via Dazed Digital

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