Gosha Rubchinskiy was a sort of enigma for us. Wondering why he was part of the Comme des Garçons gang. Why did Rei Kawakubo care about what he did? Why did they start working with him? Why did they sell his collection through their beautiful chaos market? What did he bring that Supreme hadn't already say or create? What was the point of his brand? Was it really relevant? He isn't a deconstructionist designer. His clothes are not high-end luxury goods. Kawakubo and him don't share the same process of creation, but they certainly agree on the ideas, the spirit, the message behind his collections. That's why his clothes belong to her beautiful chaotic markets around the world. His garments always Smell like Teen Spirit as he tries to capture this vibe through his collections, looking for the individual and unique beauty he loves to portray, film and photograph. He is obsessed with the youth subculture of the 90's  and the generation who has grown up after the U.S.S.R. downfall. His boy is a skater who through the years has got new pieces to add to on his wardrobe. His boy is definitely a streetwise and sporty kid, a new version of Peter Pan who has got skate in his D.N.A. The simplicity of the design goes hand in hand with a normcore ethos. Well-made pieces finding their inspiration from a classic menswear wardrobe that comes along with a strong rebellious spirit. We think the SS2015 collection is his best, re-interpreting his signature uniforms we want to wear in total look such as the patchwork green canvas suit and the grey tracksuit layering with some his colorful logo print t-shirts. We love the dark blue and the red colors. We are not fond of pink, but when it's paired with camo, it has a certain appeal. The white intarsia sweater is a must-have, clearly dreaming to wear it and the check shirts as well. We are definitely into this Russian hero. We want to be like him.

These pictures come from the Gosha Rubchinskiy website.

These pictures of our favorite looks come from Style.com

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