We are always looking for clothes that matter, statement pieces we will wear til the world's end. Pieces that literally embody a message, that literally stand for their quality, creativity, uniqueness and boldness. That's our definition of style : uniqueness and boldness and that's the answer we gave to the matchesfashion.com style contest a few months ago. We did not win (though our answer was more than appropriate!) but it did not change our conception of fashion and the way we see ourselves. We know who we really are, what we want to wear and what we don't want to buy. We've been lucky enough to get our hands on two Matthew Miller sweaters from the AW2014 Politics of me collection, one expressing his social philosophy and one with the zip on the back. We love the slogan "my life is my message"that does really mean something to us. The Yang Li Dreamers AW2014 collection has been another great obsession for us, clearly dreaming to have these utilitarian pieces in our wardrobe. The Back to Front MA-1 flight Jacket is the kind of bomber that means the world to us, especially the fact that it's the fusion of a bomber and a sweater. It features embroidered patches attached to the  front, the back, and sleeves of the jacket where you can read such messages as "saved", "dreamers", "alone and unafraid", "success where other fall". The Nicomede Talavera X Eastpak backpack has the same "make it last" vibe we cannot ignore. When it comes to such masterpieces and though our motto is "Buy Less, Choose Well", we can't help but buying a little bit more but don't worry, we are definitely choosing well! ;D 

YANG LI MA-1 Back To Front Flight Jacket 
MATTHEW MILLER Philosophy Sweater

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