After reading this post you may think of it as a personal attack, a compilation of unkindness gracefully dedicated to Mr Huge Ego Number 1 i.e Kanye West. Actually, we have a problem with Kanye being a designer or the word creative director would be more appropriate. There's nothing creative or innovative in what he did considering the clothes he delivered in this collab with Adidas. The sneakers could have a certain appeal, a certain ugly coolness but not really the one to buy for us. The sneakers are the only things he should have focused on, the only things we could save (perhaps the music too) from this ill-fitted couple. He is definitely a musician period. He is not a creative fashion designer. He is a fashion freak just like us who is obsessed with fashion and it doesn't mean he is able to launch a relevant wardrobe. Fashion lovers are not always creative designers even if it is their passion. It has to be more that just loving clothes. This collection looks like it had been designed by a fan of conceptual aesthetics with the likes of Maison Margiela, Helmut Lang and Rick Owens. There is not a single new idea or concept behind this thing. It's a mix and match of stereotypes of streetwear with the hint of activewear plus youth subculture. It was 12 minutes of boredom with models stepping forward in groups quoting the 2011 London riots. It has already been done. Think of Sibling Spring Summer 2012. No offence Kanye, but British designers are probably the best ones to talk about their own culture. What did Kanye West want to bring to the British subculture? We missed the message. Matthew Miller, Martine Rose or Christopher Shannon know much more about Britishness than Kanye. Perhaps he should try to imply for an internship like he did with his "friend" Riccardo Tisci. He haven't learned from his Parisian experience which was a total failure. We have not forgotten. We are here to remind him he should try very hard. Fame and money are not enough. When people are talking about the very important persons who attend the show instead of what you have created, there's a serious problem. The clothes always matter. That's what he should have learned from Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang and the others he literally stole. We are no fools. His collab will be a success. Streetwear is a juicy business. Obviously, it's more coherent if he does streetwear than ready-to-wear. People would buy anything that has his name on it. Think of his collab with A.P.C. It was all about money. White t-shirts that cost you a thing with jeans paired with Timberland boots. How clever! How easy! How creative! We would not be freely mean if he had just displayed sneakers and only sneakers. We don't understand the would be arty presentation with these stupid clothes. He has a narrow-minded definition of artists, of their works and of the way they are used to presenting their works.

Pic by Evan Schreiber for Dazed

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  1. Thank you. I completely agree with everything you have said. I never truly understood why the fashion industry loves him or any other celebrity when they dabble in designing. I do think that its a bad sign if people are more worried about who was at the show and looking at north as Kim carried her out. I wish more people saw how pointless his "collection" was.