It has become difficult for us to write articles without mentioning the name of Rei Kawakubo or Raf Simons. But talking about them in every single post would be boring. We don't want that to happen and at the same time, it's quite impossible to ignore them. They are the faces of the industry according to us, meaning every single thing they create is a momentum. So, we have to chat about the SS2015 Raf Simons X Adidas collab. Some people don't understand these sneakers, thinking they are just dumb, way too conceptual and ugly. Let them talk. Yet, these people are not completely wrong. These sneakers are ugly cool big pumps! We love big pumps we cannot lie! We are obsessed with them. It's not quite fetishism, but let's be honest it's not very far. It's not our fault. We are just fashion freaks. Don't blame the victims but the one who has created this addiction.  The LED platform lace in black are the one to watch, to buy, to idolize They are the coolest sneakers on Earth, certainly because of the LED device. They remind us of the Reebook Pump it. A simple inflation mechanism that regulates a cushion for a perfect fitting. The LED platform also has a comfortable sole, but the LED is just fantastic, brilliant. We are just like kids dreaming of the coolest invention in the world. The LED platform is just like this feeling, bringing us back to our childhood.

Here are some of our big pumps we will definitely keep for ever!

From Top to Bottom: Dr Martens; Kenzo, Underground Shoes, Raf Simons X Adidas, Solovair

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