Just like in Stockholm, in Copenhagen the weather is not what we could call nice and warm. Yet, the city has such a stimulating & exciting power upon us that we rushed into its small streets as soon as we arrived. They are so charming and so picturesque, if only our pics taken under a gloomy and rainy sky could show you the true face of the city. In Stockholm, someone we had met, had told us that Copenhagen & Stockholm were very much alike but we wanted to judge by ourselves and to see if she were right. It seems too easy to tell such a thing even though of course, there are some similarities such as the colour-block buildings and the cobbled streets. First and contrary to what we had written about the Swedish capital, the Danish one is of human size! We had made a list of all the stores to visit during our stay and the fact is that in one afternoon, we have seen several of the major shops of the city. It's by doing some shopping that we could judge if the two cities are alike and it's the best way to escape the threatening clouds above our fashionisto's heads. The fact is that in this shopping battle, Copenhagen is scoring points. Here, and if you escape the fast fashion / high luxury arteries, you'll find a huge number of edgy and refined concept stores such as Henrik Vibskov's one standing out with its very DIY decorum and by the outstanding number of designers it features: established one such as Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Comme des Garçons, Rick Owens and of course, his eponymous brand and some younger designers with a bright future: Astrid Andersen, Nazir Mazhar, Bobby Abley or KTZ to quote some. The Bernard Willhelm X Camper sandals we have purchased today are the perfect illustration of the kind of showpieces you could find there. This collab has even succeeded in making us forget about the Raf Simons X Adidas flip flops and it's no easy task. A few streets further, we came upon another concept store, STORM Copenhagen, featuring a gorgeous selection of designers (most of them completely outside budget such as Céline or Givenchy). STORM is also known for their selection of Raf Simons pieces (certainly the only store in Copenhagen selling Raf Simons).
Our afternoon continued this way until the closing hours. A quick visit to the usual stores (Weekday, Cheap Monday & its Hot as Hell sale assistants, & Other Stories, COS) and some wanderings in smaller streets to take some OOTD pictures. This is how our first Danish day has unrolled. It has been wet, windy & cold (we have to tell you that when we landed here it was snowing!) but despite these less than favorable weather conditions, we were W.A.R.M. inside.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's diary and let's pray for a sunny and nice day when we will pay a visit to the Little Mermaid!

inside the Henrik Vibskov store



We can say we are on the run for Scandinavia, having just one day off to rest from our Stockholm trip, now we're just packing up to go to Copenhagen tomorrow for two days of fun. It's a quick stay so we are preparing carefully our travel to fully enjoy the city! No need to chat more, here is the essential pieces we have thoughtfully chosen to wear. We are going to post a kind of diary like the one we did for Stockholm so stay tuned for our next adventures!  

Raf Simons Top, Cheap Monday Jeans, Comme Des Garçons Play x Converse Sneakers, Cheap Monday Shirt, Acne Studios Sweater, Pierre Hardy Wallet, & Other Stories Wallet

Acne Studios Sweater, Jeremy Scott x Swatch Watch, Cheap Monday Jeans, Nicomede Talavera x Eastpak Backpack, Topman Shirt, Oak Cap, Spitfire Sunglasses, Komakino T-Shirt

Raf Simons Sterling Ruby Jeans, Topman Shirt, Kenzo Top, Jump From Paper Bag, Mika x Swatch Watch, Comme Des Garçons Wallet, Pierre Hardy Wallet, Underground Creepers

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SPITFIRE Sunglasses

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ACNE STUDIOS Bomber Jacket
TOPMAN Long Tee-Shirt
NEW LOOK Sunglasses
CHEAP MONDAY Transparent Bag
H&M Banana Printed Wallet
NIKE Sneakers

Thanks Asmae for these really cool sunglasses :-)



When we read that Stockholm was of "human size", we imagined a small capital whose districts would be very close to each other. Dear readers, don't trust the travel guides, Stockholm is immense! Perhaps not as much as London or Berlin but it is vast and tonight our feet can testify! The positive point is that you breathe and the fact that everywhere you look there's water, you breathe even more and feel so alive & well, it's a blessing!

Our today's marathon began with the visit of the Moderna Museet (the Museum of Modern Art) and more especially, the exhibition dedicated to the French artist Louise Bourgeois. Of course, we had already heard about this artist but apart from 2 or 3 iconic creations, our knowledge had been pretty limited. This exhibition entitled I Have Been To Hell And Back was in that way a complete epiphany and something that deeply moved us. Actually, we did not expect to feel such a connection to her work ( more than a hundred of her works were presented, some had never been presented before). Louise Bourgeois's goal was to put the figure of the artist at the core of her work and to show that without what lays inside her, nothing can come. Thus, she used the figure of the spider (her creation entitled Maman is perhaps her most famous work) as the metaphor of the artist's creating process. To create its web, a spider uses what is inside itself just like an artist who needs to give his/her guts to deliver something relevant. It has been so inspirational and has given us an urge to know more about her and be sure, you will hear from her again in a near future on We Are Ready Made. We have taken so many pics and really want to talk about her in our blog because far from the stereotypes you could expect from a female artist, Louise Bourgeois succeeded in transcending her condition, her pains, her chaotic mind to create something so powerful and meaningful that it has to be told again and again. She has disrupted contemporary art and at the same time, she has completely overwhelmed us. Just for that, life deserves to be lived.

On a lighter note, after this experience, we headed to the permanent collection section to discover the attractive program including such major names as Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, Yayoi Kusama or Salvador Dali. This is what we love about Modern Art, there is so much diversity, you cannot be disappointed when you visit a Modern Art Museum. It is impossible or you really are a demanding person. After this long visit, we remained on Skepps Holmen aka the Museum Island to walk all around, admire the incredible viewpoints and once again, feel the invigorating salty air. Pure Bliss! 

Our day came to an end in "Hipsterland" (unfortunately we hadn't had the time to grow beards for the occasion), Södermalm to go to the Aplace outlet, one good occasion to visit Stockholm when you are a fashion blogger. Aplace is a concept store whose specialty is to feature Swedish brands such as Wood Wood, Acne, CMMN SWDN or the dead and gone Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. The outlet is an extension of the main store but with, once again and it's a recurring theme during this stay, very interesting discounts. Thus, we could have purchased a pair of snakeskin Vans (ok this is not a Swedish brand...) for an unbelievable fee. That's how it should always be, don't you think?!

Our stay in Stockholm is coming to an end but before leaving for France (and then going to Copenhagen), we will take the time to say a proper good bye to the Swedish capital that had welcome us with open arms and smiley faces. People here are so nice, for French people like us it's weird at first but you quickly get accustomed to it. This one goes out to the waitress of the restaurant where we had lunch today and with whom we talked about France, Charlie Hebdo, Gay Marriage and other things like this for 20 minutes. We are not sure this kind of things could happen in France with foreign tourists in a city like Paris. We'd love to be wrong about it but unfortunately, this is a sad reality. Ok, we don't think that everything in Sweden is perfect but France surely has something to learn from its Scandinavian counterpart. In any case, dear Stockholm, be sure we'll be back and in the meantime, as you say in your very difficult language, Vi Ses Snart!