People are fond of urban myths. These stories that everybody tells, spreading the word like an absolute truth without having any real proof of what they are saying. These days it's all about the Parisian woman or as it is called in good French, La Parisienne. You cannot open a fashion magazine dedicated to women without it being mentioned somewhere or even posted in bold letters on the cover. This trend has been spread and encouraged by such books as La Parisienne by Inés de la Fressange (who, by the way, is born in the South of France) or by Caroline de Maigret with her book How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are. But exactly what is to be a Parisian woman? Is there a general truth? Can you really spot her in the blink of an eye? No you just can't. Just like every woman in New York isn't Carrie Bradshaw or every London girl isn't Kate Moss. It's impossible and these books and more generally, this idea is just fake and as far as we're concerned, we think it just exists to give complexes to women from all over the world (and to make money as well...). Seriously, ladies, are Parisian women better than you? We have serious doubts about it.

This myth goes far, very far and judging by the Vogue website it has an impact on every little single aspect of your life, even the most trivial. Ok, it's good to imagine that your life can be much better if you were somebody else, if you had a completely different life but when you read such articles as How to Dress for the gym as a Parisienne, how to tie a scarf like a Parisienne or Marion Cotillard does the airport style the Parisienne way, we can only laugh and imagine these Vogue ladies using the French word like some kind of magical mantra thinking that if their hearts are pure enough and if they truly think what they're writing, maybe one day or another, they will wake up being a Parisienne that is to say, a woman who doesn't put on weight, a woman who has always impeccable hair even when greasy and messy and a woman who feels at home in a Céline store just like you in a H&M. Dear Vogue journalists, we have tons of ideas for future articles! For instance, how to eat camembert like a Parisienne, how to buy your baguette like a Parisienne, how to dress for a medical appointment like a Parisienne or how to lace up your brogues like a Parisienne.

If you take what Vogue US says for granted you must imagine that all Parisian girls are so cool and healthy, eating kale and drinking organic green tea all day long. Don't worry ladies, they are just like you nothing more, nothing less. They sometimes eat at McDonald's, they sometimes dress like sack of potatoes on Sundays, they are sometimes drunk on Friday nights. Sometimes, they say stupid things because, yes, it's true, not every Parisian girl reads Simone de Beauvoir. Just like any other girls on the planet. Of course, they can be sexy, glamourous, amazingly & effortlessly classy and beautiful but in the darkest depths of the French countryside, they can be too! And so, you in Australia, Japan or Mexico, you can also be a Parisienne because it is just a normal girl doing normal things. 

We live in a world so full of conventions and prejudices. Day after day, we are overwhelmed with so many clichés (trust us, we are gay so we know what we are talking about when it comes to clichés and preconceived ideas) on so many things, this should really stop! What's the point except making all these pseudo Parisian women wealthier? No, Caroline de Maigret is not more Parisian than Yann's sister who lives in Paris or than all our friends who study or work there. In a way, there are no Parisiennes because Parisiennes are just like everyboby else! So please ladies, don't misjudge yourselves and don't treat yourselves too badly, it doesn't seem worthwhile.

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