Here it is, the first part of our Stockholm diary you have all been waiting for! We should have posted something yesterday but unfortunately, due to some painful flight delays, we landed in the Swedish capital in the end of the afternoon so it was hard to really catch an atmosphere and above all, take some pics to illustrate our words. Yet, we didn't arrive at the hotel disappointed and disheartened, this is not us! We dropped our luggage and immediately went in the city to breathe some fresh and pure air (at least purer than the French air these days!), to establish a first contact with it and do some shopping as well. You may think we are a bit crazy but don't misjudge us, it appears that we arrived in Stockholm the last Thursday of the month, a day when some stores in the district of Södermalm remain open a little bit longer so why denying ourselves this pleasure? The sad and gloomy weather did not discourage us, we need more, a lot MORE to be discouraged and after all, going to Sweden at the end of March does not mean amazing weather and hot and sunny days. We are holiday warriors, nothing can beat our enthusiasm and our desire/need to use every single second of our stay & to cut directly to the chase.

Today starts with a good and substantial Swedish breakfast (ham/ cheese/ traditional bread/ cereals/ dried fruit/ coffee/ juice/ biscuits etc....) exactly what we needed to do all the things we had planned. The plan was: to see loads of things, to go in different parts of the city (walking is for us the best way to discover an unknown place) and obviously, to do some shopping; we are fashion bloggers after all (ok, this is the perfect alibi!). We headed first to Gamla Stan (no no this is not the name of Psy's new single), the historical heart of the city located on an island (just like the majority of Stockholm districts). This is where you can find the Royal Palace and get easily lost in the maze of small, colourful (yellow, orange, red, ocre, pink...), picturesque and absolutely charming streets. Begin with the beginning is for us primordial and vital to be able to grasp the essence of a city, we have to see, touch and admire the old buildings and monuments to completely enjoy our stay. Stockholm is all about this; a constant cultural clash between old parts and modern & a little bit cold and "uncharming" (but necessary) ones.

Then, we went in the new centre of the city with its fancy cafés (there are tons of cute and cosy cafés & bars here!) and high street/fast fashion brands. It was time for some shopping or at least for some spotting of must-have pieces at very interesting prices thanks to the Mid Season Sales. Our goal was to buy pieces that really speak to us, that will really stand out. In other words, pieces that would make us happy and make our days brighter. Unfortunately, our usual and favorite addresses proved unsatisfying. There were some beautiful things at Weekday but nothing deserved to be bought. H&M, Topshop/Topman and COS were pretty boring. Urban Outfitters proved unable to raise the bar (if you are a hipster, UO is made for you otherwise go on your way...) though it is located in an ancient cinema and this is just magnificent (by far, the most outstanding Urban Outfitters we've seen). The only occasion we got was a pair of fantastic cobalt blue Vans at & Other Stories but Yann's size wasn't available. This should mean they were not made for us and to tell you the truth, our minds were already in another place.

Actually, our top priorities were two occasions not to be missed: the Ann Sofie Back Sample Sale & the Acne Archive store. Yesterday, our plane being delayed only meant for us that we wouldn't be able to attend the Back sale. This perfectly coincided with our arrival in Stockholm and since we are huge fans of her work, we could not miss it. Fortunately, it had been extended for one more day as if someone above told her that we had to come, pay a visit and perhaps buy some pieces. This Sample Sale was located in a basement that is perhaps, normally the BACK workshop. The hanging rails were well-stocked with must-have, standout clothes from past collections at amazing (A-MA-ZI-NG) prices. The result is that we found some incredible, timeless pieces (you could discover in future #ootd), putting into practice our favorite motto "Buy Less Choose Well". Our second stop on our To Do List was Acne Archive, the store where past Acne collections are sold at very, very interesting prices (and this is a euphemism). Here, no mess but just like in a real store, a clean space with loads of clothes (you could find in different sizes), nice & welcoming sale assistants and above all show pieces/ standout pieces you could not find anywhere else. Heaven for Acne addicts like us.

Our first day ended with a romantic walk in a romantic spot on the Söder Mälarstrand where we could have a complete and clear view of the whole city. A soft and peaceful end to a frenzy, intense and prolific day. Tomorrow, our mission is to explore other districts and visit the Louise Bourgeois exhibition and perhaps, learn some Swedish words (apart from Hej = Hello and Tack = Thanks). Thank God (or Tack God) most Swedish speak English otherwise we'd be completely lost in translation! Stay tuned!

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