J.W. Anderson is bringing both to Loewe and to the fashion-sphere a new energy with his unlimited ideas. It's clearly a new way of making fashion that goes beyond what people expect. His arrival at Loewe has really changed the deal, especially what he wants to bring by establishing a new dialogue. More than ever he looks free to express what he really believes in just like the no gender definition of beauty from his eponymous brand to his collaboration with Loewe. He believes there are no borders between genders and that the definition of femininity and masculinity is outdated. He really wants to push things that appear sacred in fashion. Think about the idea of launching the AW15 campaign of Loewe even before the runway! Think of the 80's take on this collection disrupting with the trendy 70's vibes of all the collections from New York to Milan! Think of his gallery of clothes we have forgotten forgetting they could be fashion! Think of the modernity he has delivered with the newness leather goods! We didn't know we would think of his loose trousers, of his graphical knitwear, of his silky metallic pleated midi skirts, of his patent leather jackets and coats. We would have never thought of the different propositions he focused on with his team to create the AW15 Loewe women. It's the same idea with the arty color palette full of contrast, we'd love to copy as a reference for a look. It's sexy without showing too much. You could be shocke by the total looks in leathers or the bizarre styling, but that's what we love the most in this collection. Things that don't match and things that are full of contradictions. "I suppose the idea is to show that beauty comes from within", would have said Alexander McQueen. J.W. Anderson will definitely go for that definition.

Pictures via Nowfashion

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