Dear Chitose Abe,

We want to send you all our love and admiration. We don't know why we haven't written to you yet. Please accept all our sincere apologies, we were actually too shy to dare writing to you before. Perhaps we were afraid to tell you how much your collections for Sacai have such a great, big impact on us. They keep coming back in our mind, haunting us on nights like some mischievous ghosts. We can't stop thinking of the Autumn Winter 13, the Spring Summer 15 and now we have to consider the Autumn Winter 15 which doesn't lower our exquisite burden. These seasons are the best of the best. All the silhouettes are magical, having an unexplained power of attraction. Who are you Chitose Abe? Do you have some magical powers? Actually, you are the Sacai woman because you design for you like Miuccia and Phoebe do. The Sacai woman is your definition of femininity which is "unique, innovative, timeless and quite experimental." What you create has no equivalence in the industry. Your clothes redefine a woman's wardrobe, taking classic to make them stick to the Sacai standard. We think style is about boldness, uniqueness and creativity. Sacai is all about that definition of style as you are always focusing on reinterpretation,  transformation and deconstruction. You reveal a part of a garment that we usually don't pay attention to. You juxtapose textures, fabrics to create something we haven't seen before, unexpected shapes that obsessed us for weeks and months. Each collection is like a brand new, fresh start. You are pushing the experience of fashion to its limits. The Sacai vocabulary is still there as much as the style, but we expect the unexpected season after season. Considering your Comme des Garçons background, it's not so surprising that your challenge is to deliver clothes with so much drama, so much emotion and so many ideas. Thanks to your AW15 collection, we will dream of the leather-macrame-fur coats, of the deconstructed high necks nylon-wool-fur trench coats, of the silky patchwork sporty mesh dresses, of the puffa leather-fur-bombers, of the cable knit biker jackets, of the funky tweed-fur parkas, of the cut-out 2.0 knitwear, of all the closing furry coats and so on and so forth... You have managed to deliver a lot of showstopper items without compromising yourself. You haven't re-edited you hit bombers that put your name on everyone's lips. You are pleasing your fans by disrupting, going forward with this hybrid collection. We don't know what will happen next and that's exactly why we love Sacai so much. 

So thank you Chitose Abe for producing all these emotions, for making us feel what we feel when watching your collections. That's what fashion is all about, bringing you to unexpected places. We just want to say happy fifteenth anniversary and wish you all the best for the next fifteen years (and more)!

Yours Faithfully and Always

Yann & Charles

 Photography by Piczo via I-D Online

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