Capturing youth is not something every designer owns. Getting through this state of life doesn't mean you can truly tell a relevant story. This kind of ethos is not easy to translate and it has to be meaningful, producing emotions and pastoral feelings reminding you of your own teenage years. Having a kind of catholic education, my rebellious years were very late. It was not against my background, it was more about an inner struggle regarding the person I really want to be. No matter the choices I have made in my life, no matter if they were good or bad, it was about being free, owning this freedom in every stage of my life. It was about assuming my personality to the world, standing up, speaking up, ignoring the nasty stares. It was about living my life for myself and not doing what people could expect from me.

Hyein Seo has captured this stage of life in her Spring/Summer 2015 collection, emphasizing it, pushing the idea of youth to its limits to portray modern and contemporary silhouettes. She was born in Korea and graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. She has been part of the AW2014 Vfiles Made Fashion runway which put her name on everyone's lips and especially on Rihanna's who loves to wear her clothes. She is the upcoming designer as she has a clear vision of what she wants to create. Her graduate collection called School Ruined my life is definitely the one to buy. Ever since she has been on the fashion industry's radar, supporting by important stockists such as Vfiles and Machine-A. Even if her collection is a success (all the pieces are sold out), we had to write something about her because what she creates is really stunning. We are impressed by her brilliant talent and want to wear her collection. It has a soul, a story and her trademark. As I previously said, we do all have a teenage story and she has succeeded in telling it to the whole world.

All these pictures come from Hyein Seo's Facebook.

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