We all have among our relatives a cool girl/boy, meaning someone who could wear anything and turn it into something. The kind of person that could rock any piece of clothes, owning it and the result being just stunning. No matter what the drags he or she is wearing you always end up thinking how cool he or she is. This person has something everybody wants: the power to transform the most trivial things into something outstanding. It may be a matter of attitude, of effortless elegance, of youth. Cool kids have this power to change things because they have no inhibitions and a sense of irreverence and recklessness. Honestly, we want to borrow their power, to be inventive as well and sometimes we are somehow feeling jealous of their naive beauty. 

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This naive creativity is the ethos of the AW2015 Miu Miu collection. Naive Chic and Ugly Cool 60's silhouettes by Miuccia Prada who, once again, managed to capture the power of the street through the youth subculture of serious eccentricity. The ugly cool notion of beauty comes first, overwhelming the naive chic part of the collection. It's about creating a collection embodying the idea of a contemporary girl who loves vintage as well. It's a patchwork of contrasts with fabrics that don't go hand in hand, producing a visual provocation. The question of bad taste, the value and relevance of things, the surface of an era (here the 60's), all these themes are clashing. Miuccia Prada's risky styling reminds us of how cool kids choose pieces to build their looks. The mixing of prints, of style, of era, of fabrics finds an echo in the streets and reminds us that if you succeed in capturing the streets, your collection will definitely stand out. Think of layering together houndstooth, patent pythons, glittered leopards, crocodile like leathers, large collared shirts and Scottish tartans, all of them, of course, in primary colors! What is good on a mood board won't necessarily look good on a girl! Yet, we can trust Miuccia for the styling because she is an expert. She has changed the deal in the industry just like Yves Saint Laurent did with his Mondrian dress. She proposes a look you have never thought of and knows no limits in terms of creation that's why her point of view feels this new. Her Autumn Winter 15 New New girl will definitely break the streetstyle of every fashion capital!

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