One day. One small day is separating us from this blessed time of the year people call HOLIDAYS. You can imagine our excitement. Our last holidays were months ago but it feels they were years ago! We need holidays, we desperately need them! Mostly because we know the exceptional program that is waiting for us next week. Stockholm then Copenhagen, two cities we have been eager to discover for years. Fashion! Design! Architecture! Food! Style! People! We want to learn everything about these two. It is so exciting. First of all because it will be the best way to disconnect from our daily routine and breathe some fresh air and secondly because we can't wait to tell you through our words and pictures how it feels to be in these cities. So stay tuned for our stories and our daily outfits inspired by the Scandinavian vibes.

In the meantime, let's enjoy this brand new song from Citizens! because, when on holidays, you always need a song that will make you dance all day (and night) long. This song entitled Waiting For Your Lover will be part of their new album European Soul (out in April), a perfect title as far as we are concerned because we are European Souls and after London & Berlin, two cities that have a special place in our hearts, it's high time to go North, try new things and expect the unexpected!

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