David Bowie is wearing what he wants sums up the whole retrospective held at the Philhamonie of Paris. What comes out of this bowie-ism is not just a style but a philosophy of the Jean Genie. It's all about being who you want to be! Being free to do whatever you want to do, exploring what you are obsessed with! Don't be afraid to passionate by pushing it to its limits! If there's one message Bowie wants to deliver is to really express yourself like he did through the large gallery of portraits from the young hippy/mob of his debut solo to the magical Major Tom of Space Oddity, from the extravagant creature named Ziggy Stardust to his absolutely fabulous transformation starred by Aladdin Sane, from the Thin White Duke to David Jones-Bowie. Along all these mutations there were The Man who sold the World, the Alligator, the Alien, the Rebel-Rebel, the Starman, the Major Tom, the Hero, The Young American...etc. There were no limits in creating and embodying who he had dreamed of becoming. Bowie has been the archetype of the very open-minded modern artist. He has not been afraid of being just a simple Pop Star who is just making rock music or any version of it. He has been open to all sorts of music, going from glam to krautrock, from soul to electro, from disco to funk, from rock to experimental and minimal. Nothing could have stopped him. His wardrobe and discography are made of risky and bold choices. The exhibition opens on the iconic vinyl jumpsuit designed by Kansai Yamamoto who made some outstanding curiosities for The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust Tour. We highly recommend you to buy and watch the Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture which is the last gig in 1973 at Hammersmith where he murdered his alter ego. This glam-glitter-rock galore is one of our favourite period along with his Berlin years. Even the latest years have had a great impact upon us. Perhaps the most difficult thing he has done in his long career is just being David Jones, telling his own proper story. That's what he did in his latest albums and he had the strength to share it with his audience.

David Bowie has opened the path to younger artists who are doing the same jumping from hip-hop to electro, from house to R&B! Think of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna and all these modern Pop Stars who are playing different characters, re-inventing themselves album after album to capture their audience. Bowie had already done that since his very beginnings proving to the world his unique position as a Starman who would never die. After all, genuine artists live forever and their power of attraction knows no end. The crowded corridors at the exhibition prove that the Bowie's era is far from being over, gathering both the older and the younger fans, different generations of people and a new audience too. David Bowie is and has always been the subject of great passions. That's the definition of an artist: always inspire, attract and gather a crowd of different generations. Actually, every artist on the planet is obsessed with Bowie. Think of the fashion industry delivering collections referring to one of his alter ego. Raf Simons did Moonage Daydream bringing the Dior S/S2015 Couture to a sexy spaceship odyssey. Miuccia Prada went boyish glam-chic with "ugly" sharp tailoring with her Miu Miu A/W 2012 collection or Dries Van Noten chose the Weimar cold expressionism literally portraying the Thin White Duke in his A/W 2011 menswear collection. These three designers gave their version of the Bowie they love. The modernism of Bowie's style is stunning wondering if he was really looking for modernity. Bowie was certainly searching for uniqueness, creativity, trying to express what he had inside him, who he really was (and still is). All these alter-ego are an expression of who he is and that's what we like about him. He helps people to cope and be who they are. "Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken."


W.A.R.M. TOP 10

1/ The Editorial: Return of Disco by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris

2/ The Live: Tame Impala - Let It Happen @Conan

3/ The Collab: Opening Ceremony X Teva Sandals

4/ The Movie: La Tête Haute by Emmanuelle Bercot

5/ The Magazine Cover: Aya Jones by Daniel Sannwald for Numéro

6/ The Song: Prinzhorn Dance School - Reign

7/ The Model: Daria Werbowy by Collier Schorr for Vogue Paris

8/ The TV Show: Habillé(e)s pour l'Hiver by Mademoiselle Agnès

9/ The Must-Have: the new Vans Leather Slip-Ons

10/ The Music Video: Sia - Fire Meet Gasoline



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Paris is all about Fashion. It lives Fashion, it breathes Fashion, it dreams Fashion. On every corner of every street there's Fashion. That's a fact. When you are in Paris, if you love Fashion, there are tons of things to do, see and even buy (if your bank account allows you to). But apart from clothes & accessories, if you really love Fashion and if you have a few euros in your wallet, you can also visit some of the exciting exhibitions that take place these days in the French capital. There is literally something for everyone. If you love old days Fashion with a hint of modernity, you have to visit the Jeanne Lanvin exhibition at Palais Galliera. If you love the extravagance and the insolence of the youth, the Jean Paul Gaultier retrospective at Grand Palais is for you! 
These two are still on our To Do List (and we can't wait to visit them) but as far as we are concerned, last Friday, we chose to visit the David Bowie Retrospective at the Philharmonie and Fashion Mix at the Musée de l'Histoire de l'Immigration, the story of all the foreign designers who have come to Paris to make Fashion.

First, we have to apologize for the mediocre quality of our pics that you are about to see. Indeed, since we are not famous Fashion bloggers (not yet!) or journalists who can do anything, we were not allowed to take pics in any of the exhibitions so we acted like some kind of paparazzi, trying to avoid the ice cold gazes of the guards. So, be merciful, we did our best!

The David Bowie Is exhibition is something we have been dreaming of for a long time. We were in London when it was presented at the Victoria and Albert Museum but the long, long, endless queues dissuaded us. It is set in the brand new (but still under construction) Philharmonie de Paris, a building designed by Jean Nouvel. This exhibition entitled David Bowie Is perfectly emphasizes the chameleon aspect of this Music & Fashion icon. All his most emblematic periods are presented along with visual and audio documents giving a very comprehensive and clear vision of his work and influence. It was so moving and powerful to see his most iconic outfits: Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust...etc The Japanese period was particularly spectacular with the costumes designed by Kansai Yamamoto and a fantastic mise en scène. Of course, we will come back to this retrospective and more generally, to the work of this legend in a future article.

Fashion Mix, the exhibition presented at Musée de l'histoire de l'Immigration, is the perfect occasion if you want to have a comprehensive look into the work of all the foreign designers who have decided to come to France to make Fashion, for their eponymous brands (Paco Rabanne, Balenciaga, Rei Kawakubo, Alaia) or for other prestigious maisons de couture (Phoebe Philo for Céline, Clare Wright Keller for Chloé, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton). Fashion in France is rarely made by French people, that's why it is so universally acknowledged and celebrated. That's why it is so powerful and meaningful. This exhibition is all about celebrating diversity and we think that the largest number should visit it to open their minds and see that foreigners can make & imagine incredible things. In the foul atmosphere we are living in nowadays in France, such initiatives are more than necessary. Once again, there will be a much more complete article soon on We Are Ready Made about this exhibition. We just have to read and "digest" the exhibition catalogue (yes, we secretly took pictures but we also bought the book, we are not that bad you know!) to be able to give you the best insight. But if you have the opportunity to come to Paris in the next few weeks, you definitely have to visit Fashion Mix. There are so many talents in one room, it's insane! Hurry up, it lasts until May 31st.

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    1/ The Editorial: Ben Alon by Nir Sarig for Fucking Young! Online

    2/ The Music Video: Janelle Monae & Jidenna - Yoga

    3/ The Ad Campaign: Gucci Pre-Fall 2015 by Glen Luchford

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    10/ The Trailer: Star Wars Episode VII



    Never ever underestimate the power of a song. Four simple words can mean the world, make you travel anywhere you want/dream/wish,can carry you away physically or metaphorically, especially Can't Do Without You by Caribou. These four words keep on coming back like a mantra, like a never-ending poem. As long as the song goes by the emotion keeps on raising up, reaching a kind of nirvana or epiphany. This song that opens Caribou's Your Love is a pure pleasure for our ears. The rest of  his album is a success!  All I Ever Need,  Our Love, Second Chance, Mars, Back Home and Your Love Will Set You Free are our favorite songs and they are worth listening! Actually, the whole album is perfect! We can't stop listening to Caribou's album thinking it's one of the best records of 2014! Caribou has released the video for Can't Do Without You directed by Lorenzo Fonda expressing the song's magic! Enjoy!



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    There is a brand new generation of Russian designers who is shaking the Fashion system. People like Gosha Rubchinskiy, Tigran Avetisyan or Dasha Selyanova (the creator of ZDDZ London) have disrupted with the established codes saying that Fashion must be Couture, traditional, total look, in a word: boring. This new generation wants to speak for all the cool kids who love Fashion but in another way, in a new way, without forgetting about their Slav roots. Their purpose is to show what is Russian fashion nowadays far from the usual & dated clichés of the folk Babushka, they want to talk to the post-Soviet generation who wants to mix, clash & imagine a new future for its country. For us, these designers are clearly the ambassadors of something exciting going on in Russia with their own vision of what must be streetwear: punk clothes with a soul for modern heroes standing for themselves.

    ZDDZ London is a brand founded by Dasha Selyanova in 2011 and a perfect mix of Russia & London. But what is Russian in her clothes? The taste for slogans (here bold slogans on the clothes such as Zero Tolerance, Open as Usual, Danger, High Tension, Quiet Life...) that are much more than words on clothes here. These words have a social & political context that cannot be denied. For instance, when you are a bit aware of what is going on in Russia nowadays, the words ZERO TOLERANCE can only make us/you react and reflect. The use of the colour red is also in the popular imagination something going hand in hand with the Soviet era. The designer is obsessed with this idea of updating and taking these Russian things into a brand new level and turning them into something more playful and punk (the London side). 
    The SS15 ZDDZ London collection which the designer defines as "Hot urban chick meets London clad cyclist" is all about an irreverent sporty feeling. Dasha Selyanova redefines what is sportswear by giving it a touch of femininity (the female body is clearly uncovered and sexualized) and emphasizing its bad taste side (spandex turtlenecks, visors, loose jogger pants...). This is something proper to this Russian new gen, transforming the ugly and the cheap into something beautiful and valuable, into something unique and highly desirable. The result is an aggressively cool silhouette redefining the value of things and speaking to a lot more than just girls with its androgynous vibes that make this collection even more modern (if it's possible) and even more connected to what is going on in our today's world.

    The Runway pictures come from VFiles
    All the others are from the ZDDZ London Facebook