We have learnt a lot since our shy beginnings into the world of blogging. One thing we have understood is there is no need to rush because we cannot be as competitive as the whole industry. A fast-fashion consumption through the standards of our blog is quasi impossible. We have to find another way to be relevant disrupting, in a way, with the speed of the industry. Just like hunters, we just have to wait the right time to jump on our prey. Anyway, all these very daring high-end clothes are not less relevant at the end of the season, all these must-have pieces on our wishlist won't lose their souls at a lower price. Their power of attraction cannot disappear. The only thing that matters here is the excitement and the emotion of wearing something you just love and into which you feel confident. We don't care about being fashionable or about following trends like being the first to wear and post the picture on social media. The industry is about creativity, fast-consumption and above all, sustainability. Brands like Acne Studios curate archive pieces, sample pieces and re-edit classic pieces selling them in their archive stores because their whole philosophy is all about this idea of sustainability. Thanks to Acne Archive (whose stores can only be found in Scandinavia), people can buy high-end pieces from last season or from past seasons at a very very low price. It's good news for poor fashion-freaks like us who are always looking for uniqueness, boldness and timeless pieces! It was Xmas before Xmas when we visited these Acne Archives, walking slowly and cautiously through the boutique between the hanging rails not to miss a single thing. We were just like children in a toy store. We took our time to choose well, trying on the pieces, touching the fabrics as we were in an easy-cool atmosphere thanks to the smiling sale assistants. Among all the exciting stores we visited in Stockholm & Copenhagen, Acne Archive was the one we had been dreaming of for a long time ( no need to explain more). However, these stores are no exception, it's definitely a Scandinavian way of life because brands like Whyred and stores like Aplace have their own outlet stores full of timeless & very affordable pieces. These brands and stores have already made their own "revolution" by finding another way of keeping their business afloat.

Acne Archive Torgartan 
Torgatan 53,
113 37 Stockholm, Sweden

Acne Archive Elmegade
Elmegade 21
2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

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