Never ever underestimate the power of a song. Four simple words can mean the world, make you travel anywhere you want/dream/wish,can carry you away physically or metaphorically, especially Can't Do Without You by Caribou. These four words keep on coming back like a mantra, like a never-ending poem. As long as the song goes by the emotion keeps on raising up, reaching a kind of nirvana or epiphany. This song that opens Caribou's Your Love is a pure pleasure for our ears. The rest of  his album is a success!  All I Ever Need,  Our Love, Second Chance, Mars, Back Home and Your Love Will Set You Free are our favorite songs and they are worth listening! Actually, the whole album is perfect! We can't stop listening to Caribou's album thinking it's one of the best records of 2014! Caribou has released the video for Can't Do Without You directed by Lorenzo Fonda expressing the song's magic! Enjoy!

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