We're back! Ok, we weren't really far, far away. Just here actually, around the corner, taking a rest far from the Blogosphere that is so demanding, so "vampiresque" in a way, sucking our minds to be able to give substance to our blog each and every day, week after week, month after month, year after year. We needed three real days off to enjoy our holidays without the feeling that one moment or another, we would have to go back to our hotel, sit in front of our computer to tell you all about what we had seen during our day in Stockholm or Copenhagen. Don't be mistaken, we absolutely love sharing with you our experiences in a foreign country, our thoughts on a collection or our love/hate of something happening in Fashion. That's not the problem here, we just needed three days for ourselves, three days far from Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter or from our favourite and our daily-visited sites (with a small exception with Instagram). Three days for ourselves to enjoy our trip to Copenhagen and to think about the future of We Are Ready Made. After all, we will celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of our Baby in May so we have to do something special.

All this to tell you that we are back, with our heads full of ideas, our wardrobe full of new pieces and a brand new apartment. No, no we haven't moved out but visiting Scandinavia has given us a desire for a new decoration and a new space organization. It may seem a bit cliché but we visited IKEA yesterday and this "trip" proved highly successful!
Before talking about other matters and going back to Fashion, the essence of W.A.R.M. we have to give you, fellow readers, some details about the last days of our Danish trip. The first thing we have to say is Oh my God, Copenhagen is so beautiful, it's insane! We wish we would all be able to see it by your own eyes someday. Life is sweet there even though the weather is far from being charming all the time. Our stay was punctuated by ice cold gusts of wind, sunbeams and sudden downpours. As you could see these weren't idyllic conditions and yet, we enjoyed every single second. And we are missing it now... When holidays are coming to an end, there is always this mixed feeling of joy & sadness. Not genuine sadness but a kind of dormant nostalgia that these happy moments are gone and these beautiful places seem so far, so unreachable while they are only 2 hours away by plane. We hate this irrepressible feeling so much!

There is water everywhere in Copenhagen, just like in Stockholm, you always have the feeling that you are on an island far from the fake and exhausting world's agitation. Of course, there are cars (even if there are more bikes than cars in the Danish capital), people, cellphones and selfie-sticks but you don't feel the same in such a place. It's peaceful and the only noise you could hear would be the echo of the wind on the sea. Close your eyes and as if you put your ear on a shell, listen to this sweet sound and fell the salty taste on your lips. It's no surprise that the symbol of the city is a mermaid, the one imagined by Andersen during the 19th century, the mermaid who owns the ocean and knows every small part of its depths. The beautiful and wild girl who mesmerizes you with her eyes and voices. You are lost when a mermaid is seducing you. The same goes for Copenhagen. Once it has caught you with its beauty, it will be hard for you to forget it and love another place.
Another place that was on our "schedule" during our stay was Nyhavn, another place with a strong connection to the sea. A colourful enclave, a village within the city, a place full of tall ships and small & joyful buildings painted in yellow, red, blue, ocre, orange. If only all the buildings all over the world could be painted in such lively colours, life would be far less boring and painful!
We could go on and on, talking about the kindness of Scandinavian people, about the surprising mix of ultra luxury houses with fast-fashion brands in a same street ( A Saint Laurent store in front of Monki next to Valentino in front of Vans), about their love for coffee & sweets, about our visit to Acne Archive or about the beauty of Danish boys. However, we will keep some elements for ourselves like little secrets only shared by the two of us. Little secrets you would know too if you go there and discover. There are many places we want to discover on the planet but be sure that one day or another we will be back to have another taste of the Danish sweet life.

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