We are surprised and amazed by the number of collaborations Adidas has been involved in through the last decade. Adidas is far from being a sleepy shoe brand but it is definitely representing and celebrating the sneaker culture avant-garde through the likes of their constant innovation, reinvention and boldness collaboration from established designers (Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons and Juun J) whose names mean a lot to the industry of fashion and from upcoming brilliant talents who are going to be on everyone's lips. A thoughtful move as Adidas has increased their position on different markets, offering a larger range of products adapting them to the demand from high street to high end fashion.

Takadanobaba x Adidas goes hand in the hand with the German brand's identity, philosophy and creative dynamics. Takadanobaba is a collective of selected students from the London College of Fashion composed of Shreya Sharma, Pete Titat Kuantrakull, Wei Yao Lin, Joshua Ng, and Michal Mrzyglod who has been named the leader of this creative project commissioned by Adidas to build a capsule collection composed of five looks. Mrzyglod purposely chose Takadanobaba as the name of the project because it is a neighborhood located in central Tokyo (Shinjuku), and also because of what this area means: young, cosmopolitan, noisy and attractive. A place that can't stop from changing, evolving and that is full of modernism. Mryglod clearly wants to reflect this energy through this mini collection, expressing all the pioneering of Takadanobaba through the standard of Adidas. Mryglod and his creative team have brought up new proportions, redefining sportswear through an uncompromising definition of beauty that challenges masculinity
Takadanobaba x Adidas collaborative collection (S/S2016) juxtaposes romanticism and fragility, being the core values compromising Takadanobaba's identity, with almost a century long heritage of Adidas. Inspired by vintage swimwear pieces from the 30's and the 40's, the collection redefines perception of male body and male sensuality, democratizing sportswear for men, aiming to escape from any conventionalities.

A strong manifesto and a disrupting story are what we like the most in  fashion. This co-lab pushes forward the limits of menswear, giving new perspectives and perceptions of the male body. There's so many things to do in menswear. Things don't go faster enough. Women had both the skirts and the trousers revolutions and men had nothing. Perhaps the growth of agender collections will be the birth of something positive for men. We don't know if men are really ready to go over the clichés of their wardrobe. In the post post internet era we are living in, men are still a stereotype of a dated masculinity.

All thses pictures come from Michal Mryglod's website

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