David Bowie is wearing what he wants sums up the whole retrospective held at the Philhamonie of Paris. What comes out of this bowie-ism is not just a style but a philosophy of the Jean Genie. It's all about being who you want to be! Being free to do whatever you want to do, exploring what you are obsessed with! Don't be afraid to passionate by pushing it to its limits! If there's one message Bowie wants to deliver is to really express yourself like he did through the large gallery of portraits from the young hippy/mob of his debut solo to the magical Major Tom of Space Oddity, from the extravagant creature named Ziggy Stardust to his absolutely fabulous transformation starred by Aladdin Sane, from the Thin White Duke to David Jones-Bowie. Along all these mutations there were The Man who sold the World, the Alligator, the Alien, the Rebel-Rebel, the Starman, the Major Tom, the Hero, The Young American...etc. There were no limits in creating and embodying who he had dreamed of becoming. Bowie has been the archetype of the very open-minded modern artist. He has not been afraid of being just a simple Pop Star who is just making rock music or any version of it. He has been open to all sorts of music, going from glam to krautrock, from soul to electro, from disco to funk, from rock to experimental and minimal. Nothing could have stopped him. His wardrobe and discography are made of risky and bold choices. The exhibition opens on the iconic vinyl jumpsuit designed by Kansai Yamamoto who made some outstanding curiosities for The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust Tour. We highly recommend you to buy and watch the Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture which is the last gig in 1973 at Hammersmith where he murdered his alter ego. This glam-glitter-rock galore is one of our favourite period along with his Berlin years. Even the latest years have had a great impact upon us. Perhaps the most difficult thing he has done in his long career is just being David Jones, telling his own proper story. That's what he did in his latest albums and he had the strength to share it with his audience.

David Bowie has opened the path to younger artists who are doing the same jumping from hip-hop to electro, from house to R&B! Think of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna and all these modern Pop Stars who are playing different characters, re-inventing themselves album after album to capture their audience. Bowie had already done that since his very beginnings proving to the world his unique position as a Starman who would never die. After all, genuine artists live forever and their power of attraction knows no end. The crowded corridors at the exhibition prove that the Bowie's era is far from being over, gathering both the older and the younger fans, different generations of people and a new audience too. David Bowie is and has always been the subject of great passions. That's the definition of an artist: always inspire, attract and gather a crowd of different generations. Actually, every artist on the planet is obsessed with Bowie. Think of the fashion industry delivering collections referring to one of his alter ego. Raf Simons did Moonage Daydream bringing the Dior S/S2015 Couture to a sexy spaceship odyssey. Miuccia Prada went boyish glam-chic with "ugly" sharp tailoring with her Miu Miu A/W 2012 collection or Dries Van Noten chose the Weimar cold expressionism literally portraying the Thin White Duke in his A/W 2011 menswear collection. These three designers gave their version of the Bowie they love. The modernism of Bowie's style is stunning wondering if he was really looking for modernity. Bowie was certainly searching for uniqueness, creativity, trying to express what he had inside him, who he really was (and still is). All these alter-ego are an expression of who he is and that's what we like about him. He helps people to cope and be who they are. "Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken."

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