While approaching this huge thematic that is Diversity, one thing came to our minds first, it's Style. The eclectic wardrobe we have built even before we started We Are Ready Made is the living proof. Our wardrobe is not an impossible one yet but we have purchased pieces that are a mix of several Fashion tribes. Tribes that have, at first sight, very little in common but implicitly, these clothes draw accurately our style: creative, bold, unique & unisex. We are not completely in this black & white perspective (somehow too easy but perfect when well mastered) and are always looking for something more: fabrics, prints that stand out, colors, cuts (most of the time oversized), pieces that also have this idea of sustainability (respect of the environment & of the people who are making them). The search for the perfect pieces may seem a waste of time and quite superficial but it's a hard work and a merciless hunt on websites, E bay or in sample sales. The least we can say is that we are proud to have found some of these treasures, to wear them, to cherish them, to own some iconic pieces and we are proud to embody something through them.

Our style is not about buying what is fashionable, it's a much more rational way of thinking and buying. [Ok, this may seem like a pretentious article but sometimes, it's just good to appear as self-confident and proud. And since it's not how we usually are, we have no problem today to promote ourselves a bit...] We are always looking for strong pieces that will perfectly & easily match with what we already own. Of course, we do have Fashion obsessions, such basics as bomber jackets, biker jackets, oversized coats, long shirts/tees, 7/8 pants or funky &chunky jumpers for instance. We also have a crush on standout prints such as gingham, tartan, polka dots or pinstripes.

We could never come to this idea of curated clothes that we would never be able to wear. We love wearing standout piece and we are always looking for this "wearability" along with a fun side (never forget to have fun with your clothes!). Our wardrobe is a perfect combo of intertwined stories. We can remember Where / When / How/ Why we bought every single garment. From London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen or Stockholm. It is all about building something that triggers emotions and has a peculiar resonance. We will never stop wearing something just because magazines or blogs say it's no longer fashionable or because it was à la mode 2 years ago, that's not how our fashionistos' minds & hearts work. You always have to think beyond trends. Even though we often buy the same designers, it's not about a tribe here but more about the building of a style, the expression of what is inside ourselves, in our veins & DNA. Designers like Raf Simons have their own aesthetics but if you look closer, it perfectly matches with the Margiela clothes. In a way, by matching the two, you build a story from beginning to end. In the same way, the deconstructivism and boldness of Comme des Garçons can also be found in Raf Simons and Maison Margiela. The Irreverence, the Rebel attitude and Young spirit of these brands find, in some ways, equivalence in such brands as Ann-Sofie Back or Cheap Monday. That's why, mixing together these pieces (Low & Profane +  High Fashion) works very well. You just have to be open-minded, unafraid and self-confident. That's the key! Your wardrobe should only be the expression of your own individuality, your I-D, the best way to tell the world "That's how I am no matter what you may think".

With the following pictures, we wanted to play with this idea of Fashion Tribes. Here is a selection of the most emblematic and important pieces for us, the Best of the Best. Thus, you are given the wider scope possible of what is our style and how we are building it day after day.

The Fun tribe
The Margiela tribe
The Raf tribe
The Street tribe
The Kenzo tribe
The Acne tribe
The Comme tribe
The Back tribe
The Cheap Monday tribe

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  1. OMG. You guys actually have a diverse and LARGE wardrobe! Ha ha. Congratulations x)