Choosing diversity is an excuse to talk about what is certainly missing in the fashion industry. It's a big giant monster, full of outstanding talents but not everyone is trying to bring a new vibe or to explore new territories. There's so many things to be done. Somehow this fashion-sphere really lacks of creativity because of the commercial environment that is difficult. Sustainability, creativity and business are an explosive love affair when you think of some established brands with the likes of Comme Des Garçons or J.W. Anderson. These brands prove that this is not a utopia. Yes people can build a brand made out of these elements. Upcoming designers with a strong and free vision can still break through. The business of fashion just looks overcrowded. There's still room for designers who really want to change the landscape of menswear and womenswear, proposing bold creations dedicated to a niche. There will always be enough room for uniqueness. There is enough room for designer such as Grace Wales Bonner who portrays black people in such an inventive and new way, freed from all the stereotypes, in all their beauty. 

Grace graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2014. She won the l'Oréal Professionel Talent Award. After her first season with Fashion East, Grace was asked to present her A/W 2015 Ebonics at the Victoria & Albert Museum, in the prestigious Fashion in Motion program. Grace explores black masculinity, a beauty that is not really represented in the fashion industry. We all know the reasons why this beauty is lacking. People are just blind. They don't see the potential out there. We believe that Grace's work and her bold/ballsy manifesto is the Future of Fashion. We need more designers like her to really change things. In our opinion,  her work embodies a political message and it's good. We want things to move forward. Her A/W 2015 collection is full of Africa vibes which go hand in hand with a 70's sophisticated glamour. Grace empowers black beauty with opulent use of embroideries, a lot of jewelries and hybrid African craft and also couture techniques. She tells through her collection a breakout emotional story dedicated to her community and to the whole world. These garments have a soul. These are clothes that matter and we want to participate, to bring her message to you dear readers. We believe that fashion can embody a political message or use a political way to open people's minds. That's why we love her work so much. We expect to grab some of her pieces in the future and considering the list of her stockists all around the world, we have come to the conclusion that things are actually moving forward.

Pics by Philip Trengrove via Dazed Digital

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