May 1st is not only Labour Day. Today is also and above all a special day for us. On that day, three years ago, we decided to launch our Blog WE ARE READY MADE, to express a deep and powerful desire that we needed to share with people. Fashion is much more than a passion for us. This may sound extreme but Fashion defines us. We are poor Fashion Freaks and we are loving it. 

To celebrate this third anniversary, we have decided to start something special, a kind of magazine with an editorial line that we'll keep the whole month (If this experience proves to be convincing, perhaps we'll renew it!) After a few brainstorming, an idea came to our minds: not a commercial idea, something that seems still hard to promote. It does exist, has a small place and is defended by some brands & people in Fashion but there is still a long road. This idea is DIVERSITY (no, no it's not an obscene word). As far as we are concerned, Diversity is everything that is not represented or talked about. Diversity is all about these young designers who are the future faces of Fashion and who are not written about enough in magazines or in blogs. Diversity is our definition of Beauty. Diversity is a much more realistic and down to earth vision of Fashion. 

In order to promote Diversity we will put forward natural beauties that will choose pieces from our wardrobe mixed with their own clothes to give an "agender vibe" because this is according to us the future of Fashion. We will also make the portrait of a friend of ours, a young designer who will talk about her outstanding graduation collection. We have also decided to collaborate with her for a handmade embroideries project: a Japan-inspired recycling work on a boyfriend coat. This idea came after our visit to the fascinating FASHION MIX exhibition that is held in Paris (we have already written about it a few posts ago but a longer article is coming stay tuned!). Maybe this project is the beginning of a fruitful and long collaboration? Who knows? 

Fashion is often articulated around this idea of Mixing. All these foreign designers have chosen to come to Paris to add something more, a little more soul to the Paris Fashion. In a way, it could not exist without them, without their rich experiences, without this soul but these designers could not exist without this concept of a French Fashion. It's a superb example of what is Fashion, what it should always be: an endless sense of Sharing that is inevitable if you want to create something different but connected with the era in which you live.

But we could also wonder why Fashion is so formatted while the ones who make it are so diverse. Of course, Diversity does exist in the works of Rick Owens, Shaun Oliver (for Hood By Air), Olivier Rousteing (for Balmain), Laurence Airline or in the works of such newcomers as Grace Wales Bonner or Eckhaus Latta & Gyspy Sport. Fashion is about Freedom. Freedom of ideas. Freedom in the cuts, in the fabrics. But there is not enough freedom in the representation of Beauty in Fashion. It lacks something. Something is still retained. Something is still restreint. There is still a tenacious cliché of Beauty in the minds of many designers & Fashion houses. Diversity should be beyond this cliché. Diversity could not be formatted and perhaps we are a bit optimistic but this is just the way we are. We want & need a concrete Fashion. People could say this is utopian but once again, this is just the way we are. We Are Ready Made and We Believe in another Future for Fashion. We don't want clichés. We are tired of clichés. We are fed up with clichés and we know we are not the only ones. We want to see more of the faces we see in such Fashion Bibles as Dazed Magazine or I-D. We want to see unique girls & boys and not robots. Clichés cannot be what defines Fashion. As we have already said, these ideas of a Parisian woman or a New Yorker one is so stupid. Why would a middle-aged white woman be the ideal picture of a woman from Paris? Can't the Parisian woman be black or North African? These clichés that magazines and brands want to sell us just make us sick. We want much more than these easy and stupid ideas. We deserve better. You deserve better.

 Yann & Charles

Fashion Mix Installation @le Musée de L'Immigration in Paris
Eckhaus Latta in the issue of Dazed and Confused Magazine
 Grace Wales Bonner A/W 15 

Fernanda Ly 
Laurence Airlines S/S 15 by Eddie Wrey
Aya Jones
 Hood By Air in the issue of I-D Magazine

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