The 2016 Cruise collections demand for another exposure. The Dior Cruise presentation had to be in an unparalleled setting just like Chanel and Louis Vuitton did. They now need a biggest exposure. It is a crucial battle of communication just like a million dollar campaign. The choice of the location is certainly the most important decision no matter what it actually costs. Big luxury groups like LVMH can do anything they want, spending a lot to gather a few people in a lyrical, dreamy and well-known landscape of Côte d'Azur, especially the Bubble Palace of Pierre Cardin. A perfect spot by the sea designed by Antti Lovag located in the French Riviera outside Cannes to mark, to stand out, to please the honored guests. It's all about lightness and easiness when creating a resort collection. The setting has to reflect this dimension. It all makes sense when you think of Raf Simons who graduated in Industrial Design and Furniture Design and who actually never studied fashion. There had to be a personal point of view. Simons is fond of art, architecture and design. His storytelling for the Dior Cruise doesn't come out of nowhere. The Bubble Palace and its location embody the mood of this collection. Thank God it was live-streamed! We didn't want to miss a thing. We were so excited! We are obsessed with Simons's creations.(Beware dear readers, this post will certainly lack of objectivity!)

"First of all what is important to say is that we have the opportunity to come and show on this property which is owned by Pierre Cardin. It's an environment which has always inspired me very much. Here I've found a very fascinating architecture, because it is set in Cannes South of France and Jet-Set environment. I've found it very architecturally original, but also light, feminine and playful. One way or another related to the aesthetic house of Christian Dior. Besides, I was very inspired to see how I could bring landscape, sea-scape, sky-scape in relation to the work from the point of view that Nature has always been so inspiring and so important in the work of Christian Dior and myself", said Raf Simons about the collection.

A dramatic cruise collection for a dramatic bubble palace. Obviously, this place is a metaphor for the collection, giving Raf Simons the keys to introduce a new manifesto. A collection built around ideas of contrasts playing with a diversity of styles and the outstanding legacy of Christian Dior mixing it with references taken from colors, landscapes and textures from the South of France. This idea of abstractions and collages go hand in hand with architecture updated in a new way echoing Christian Dior and the way he constructed the garments. It's all about the waist when it comes to the Dior silhouette. The 1947 bar suit re-built in another architectural approach through the new vibes of the collection. Simons wants to pay tribute to the easy-wear artistic side of the South of France and also to its more glamorous side. There's the contrast of a leisure- utility-wear vs a high end clientèle. The Dior savoir-faire delivers its new interpretation of needlework, smock and patchwork. There is a lot of investment pieces and so many one-to-buy garments from the lurex collages alluding to landscapes, sea-scape and sky-scape of the South of France which are very fun and playful to the hand-knitted fur like tapestry that are very sophisticated. Raf Simons brings another dimension to the Dior language, playing with the codes of Christian Dior with bold architectural pieces, as light as a bubble.

All these pictures come from Dior.com

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