Since the announcement a few months ago, we have all been waiting for the video: Rihanna in Versailles for Dior! An exciting cocktail for all the fashion freaks all around the world! Can we just sit a minute and think about it? Because this is HUGE! Rihanna is the first black woman to promote the legendary French maison de couture. This is completely in the new guiding line set by Raf Simons & his team at his arrival in 2012. His aim has been to modernize, rejuvenate, rethink and refresh the House while still being truly faithful to its DNA, to its codes, to its essence. A gamble that, at first sight, might have seemed risky but that have proved successful. Dior has never felt so good. Its influence has never been so grand. Its accessories are on everyone's lips, everyone's wishlists: the Dior sneakers, the sunglasses and of course, the bags! Its muses are worldwide stars combining success, glamour and talent (Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence). To sum it up everything is completely fine and prosperous in the Dior Kingdom.

But what would be a Kingdom without a palace and a Queen? Very little actually. Almost nothing to tell the truth. So, it definitely needed the biggest palace and the most renowned Queen. Versailles & Rihanna were the only possible and acceptable options. Being Dior means always being at the top of the Fashion sphere not only in terms of fashion in its purest forms (fabrics, shapes & techniques) but also and above all, in terms of image. This is just non-negotiable because there are billions of dollars/euros at stake. Versailles has been part of the Dior imagery since Raf Simons's arrival. Behind the Secret Garden project, there is once again this idea of making Dior cooler, younger and sexier. This project is the perfect combo of outstanding creations, iconic songs (in the first 3 videos: Depeche Mode), the most amazing setting (Versailles, its Galerie des Glaces, its gardens, its impressive architecture), beautiful girls (Daria Strokous, Katlin Aas or Fei Fei Sun to name a few) and talented photographers (Inez & Vinoodh for the first three videos). Versailles is all about French prestige so is Dior and it has the most fantastic gardens something deeply connected with Christian Dior who had a limitless love for flowers (if you have the occasion, you should visit his garden in Granville, an undeniable evidence of this passion). But perhaps you are wondering why did they choose Rihanna? It's a simple answer. Because she dares. Ok sometimes she is too bold but among all the pop stars of our times, she is the most audacious one when it comes to Fashion. She is the one who mixes young talents with iconic brands and she is not afraid to wear what she wants to wear. She has a boundless love for fashion and even though she has already committed fashion faux-pas, she cannot be blamed because she has the guts and is never where she is expected to be. We think that's what appealed to the Dior team when they thought about giving a new direction to their Secret Garden. Indeed, it is a new direction with a new director: Steven Klein and its very particular & personal aesthetics. Here, the goal is clearly to make Dior sexier, less innocent and clean just like Rihanna actually. In the clothes from the Pre-Fall "Tokyo" Collection, she is just incandescent. You can't just ignore the fact that BadGal Riri is now an authority when it comes to Fashion & clothes. Her power knows no limits and the French House could not do without her to conquer new territories and speak to the largest possible number. Remember the sunglasses she was wearing last year at the AW14 Dior show, they are now a bestseller and everyone wants to own them! She is the new Marie Antoinette. All eyes on her. You may love her or loathe her, you can't just ignore her and that's the biggest power!


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