We may be naive but we thought that when you were invited to the opening night of an exhibition you were here first to have a look at what was exhibited. A priori, that's not how it works at the Met Ball. On Monday night, all the celebrities that you could imagine were gathered in New York to celebrate China and more particularly, Chinese Fashion and its influence on the Western culture. The occasion seemed almost too perfect if you wanted to see some insane dresses by the most talented and well-known designers. We had still in mind some previous editions of the Met Ball when Alexander McQueen or the Punk culture were celebrated. The result was astounding. All the guests took these opportunities to dress in the most spectacular way and most of all, in compliance with the themes. This year, it seems that it was a bit more complicated for the Fashion/Movie/Music pack who found it difficult to find outfits matching with the theme. So, the majority gave up and decided to go for outstanding dresses with absolutely no links with the Middle Kingdom while others fell deeply in the clichés or in their preconceived ideas of what China is. The result was disappointing, boring, sometimes ludicrous and watching the pictures on Style.com we had this disturbing feeling that the Met Ball is just like the Cannes Film Festival. People are here to show their dresses, to show their connections and assert their power but that's all. They don't care about the exhibition or the movie. They are here to tell the whole world "Look at me, Love me. Envy me but above all, don't forget me". That's why we are too naive. We sometimes forget that the Fashion sphere we love is full of pride and arrogance and candidly, we are still surprised by the disproportionate ego of some of the persons who are part of this world. Because, in a way, this Met Ball is just a matter of ego. Who will have the largest one? Who will win the fight? Who will be the most talked about on Twitter? And the Supreme Recognition: Who will become a hashtag on Instagram? Of course, it was already the case in the past years but with this China topic, hardly understandable for most of the attendants, this year, it was just flagrant!

Some opted for über transparency with dresses yelling "Look at our F***ing incredible bodies!". Where is the surprise here? Ladies, we already know your bodies are incredible. We know this too much... We have already seen them from every possible angle. You may wear beautiful dresses that asked for weeks of work, it just falls flat. Others chose red and/or gold, two colours that immediately come to our minds when speaking of China. Ok but B-O-R-I-N-G. Once again, where is the surprise? And please can someone explain us what is the connection between China and a Dolce & Gabbana red dress, golden bustier and large crown? It's as if the guests were so uninspired by this topic that they just decided to wear what they wanted no matter what. Here some ugly Moschino dresses, there some heavy flower wallpapers... A cacophony of styles that just left us with digestive troubles. And what to say of all these slanting eyes realized through make up? Oh so very subtle! Chinese people will appreciate.

Actually, we think we have unraveled the Met Ball's mystery. It's just THE Occasion for all these people who have complicated & intense schedules to gather, drink some champagne, laugh, judge each other and take selfies in the bathroom. Nothing very extravagant in a way, no need to make such a fuss...

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