Alexander Wang has been shaking up and re-shaping the fashion world for over a decade. His collections are always the ones to watch during the New-York Fashion Week (NYFW). I've been following him since Charles and I started this blog (no need to mention the numerous posts about all the things he is doing. He is a complete obsession for us. I was wondering how he is going to cope with the fact of celebrating 10 years in fashion. After dropping Balenciaga to focus on his eponymous brand, I was wondering what he is going to do next. Making a celebration collection like Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy, a kind of pause paying a tribute to 10 years of creation. That's not exactly the direction Wang wants his brand to take. He had to do something special for the 10 years so he naturally asked his followers on the social networks to choose among a selection of signature pieces they wanted to be re-edited in a kind of 10 years capsule collection available on his online shop. No need to make a big fuss about anniversaries, he really wants to look up to the future. So,what about Wang's next 10 years?

His Spring Summer 2016 collection gives the key to what Wang has in his mind. It's called the Reset Collection. He is re-booting his business as if he were starting over the process of creation trying to consider the future without being trapped into the past. This is really "ballsy" to choose this way of moving forward even if it doesn't mean dropping the Wang's attitude. One can definitely read Wang's signature all over the garments, but here it's no longer the Wang from the past 10 years. Somehow, his girls (& boys) have something from the nineties, a decade Wang cherishes the most and where he draws his inspirations. He wants to satisfy his fans with this collection giving them what they want/love to wear. He is portraying girls who can be utilitarian, sporty, grunge, sexy/sophisticated or street-wise biker. It's an A to Z guide of Wang's new basics which features things that will always be relevant like body-conscious knitted dresses, crocodile-like bikers, ripped shorts, silk satin dresses, cropped military jackets, fringed leather black dresses, bomber jackets, floor-length coats, striped jeans, long slit denim skirts, motocross trousers, silk pajama shirts to wear with chain jewelries, metallic net sandals and red lace sneakers. Wang knows how to talk to women because he understands what they want. This awareness is the key to his success and the reason why he is still in this industry. The next 10 years are just the beginning and it's definitely a promising start!

Pics via Dazed Digital by Evan Schreiber

Words by Yann Sackville-West

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