Low Classic is just like South Korea, a tasty mix of modernity and tradition. Myoung Sin Lee who is the creative designer of the brand wants it to reflect a classical and feminine sensation. As the name of the brand is suggesting her creations have nothing to do with triviality. She is playing with classical foundations to come up with a new silhouette disrupting with the staples of a woman's wardrobe. It's about editing eye-catching basics that will make you want to get rid of the ones hanging in your closet. Myoung Sin Lee knows how to capture people's attention and invent objects of desire. Her brand is all about producing well-made, quite "affordable" pieces with so much attractiveness, boldness and uniqueness. One cannot ignore the Céline-like and the Margiela-like or the Vetements-like vibes of Low Classic. These references are assumed and must be considered as inspirations not copies. Low Classic is neither Céline nor Margiela having its own aesthetic. Low Classic stands for itself with innovative and inventive collections that make their success becoming one of the hottest venues of the Seoul Fashion Week!

The Spring Summer 2016 collection was definitely very anticipated. This time, the Low Classic girl is facing an emotional and sexual transition. This collection looks like a rite of passage from a girl with a lot of attitudes to a bombshell. Myoung Sin Lee is portraying girls with no inhibitions. Girls who are growing up, losing their innocence and who are taking control of their bodies and femininity. It reminds me of the Run Riot of Spring Summer 2014 which was depicting another rite of passage (from innocence to rebellion). But this Spring Summer 16 collection is going further as I could read the word 'sex' behind each and every silhouette of this collection from the nude illustrations, the messages on the t-shirts to the exposed parts of the body, suggested or hidden under the lightweight fabrics and the sharp cut tailoring. Frontal zips are embellishing sophisticated long sleeves utility jackets, suits and tube knits. Exquisite silks and satin are cut to create pajama uniforms, bra tops layered over t-shirts and long length bombers. Streetwise outfits make their appearance on the catwalk composed of a boxy printed t-shirt paired with a long length skirt and a biker knotted on the waist for a grungy effect. Showstopper apron dresses are definitely the ones to wear now!

Low Classic is exclusively sold in South Korea. The only way to buy it is either to go to South Korea or to order online on Opening Ceremony (they are only selling some pieces). Its rare position on the market makes it even more exciting. I don't remember how I came across this brand but ever since, I can't help expressing how much I love it. Low Classic helped me discover other South Korean brands that do not present their collections abroad. I want to learn more about their culture not only through their K-style, their foods and their K-Pop. It's not enough! I want go there in the future. But for the moment,  I'm going to have a taste of South Korean through this Spring Summer 2016 Low Classic collection!

Pics via Inapad.com

Words by Yann Sackville-West

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