French are said to be chic, American own sportswear, British are known for their underground style. I was wondering what to say about the Korean? They are the kings of K-Pop and the whole planet danced on Psy's Gangnam Style, which is also the name of the fashion district of Seoul. What to say about the Korean style? They are, according to me, one of the best dressed nations. We only know their fashion through the designers presenting their collections abroad. It's a shame because they deserve a big exposure but at the same time, the Korean market is so diverse and so huge the designers don't really need to go worldwide. The market is already there. They don't need to conquer new territories like the European luxury brands. The Seoul Fashion Week (#SFW) is full of intriguing and interesting labels. It's hard not to be "disturbed" by all the one-to-buy pieces that are definitely ready-to-wear. SFW is all about innovative and inventive garments deserving a lot of attention and instantly producing a serious power of attraction.

The brand CRES. E DIM.is part of the K-style revolution. In musical terms "cres." means getting gradually louder and "dim" means getting gradually softer. Hum Bum Kim who is the creative designer applies this concept and philosophy to her garments. She tries to bring up a new silhouette through an exploration of shapes and textiles adding vibrant colors giving rhythm and textures that feel fresh and new. Her Spring Summer 2016 Cirque collection goes hand in hand with the brand ethos and is definitely a pleasure to the eyes. Sharp cut garments in primary and pastel colors for boys and girls who are looking damn cool! The collection includes layer complexity, patchwork deconstruction, fun embroideries woven like logo, futuristic tailoring, sophisticated utility-wear and platform sandals, plastic baskets and doll like oven bags. I'm loving as usual all the outerwear which I find very creative from the boxy bikers to the cut-out knotted tailor jackets. The laced sweater and the apron like dresses are also one-to-remember garments along the psychedelic logo suits and the pinstripe pieces adding a touch of classic. As Cirque, the name of the collection is suggesting this SS16 collection is definitely a celebration of fun, extravagance, craziness, sweetness and joy.

Designed by Tae Yong, Beyond Closet is playing with staples of classic tailoring, recycling it and re-shaping it to come up with sophisticated and standout silhouettes. It's about the reconstruction of classics with wit and individuality. For his Sprig Summer 2016 collection, Tae Yong is combining the aesthetic of nomad with romantic references to create a new concept he called Nomantic. Is it an army of broken hearts or a no-romantic gang walking the runway? Actually they are yearning for love but are certainly non-conformist broken hearts. This collection is embracing a kind of 50's retro attitude and a modern twist as well. A certain contrast is emerging from the silhouettes that are not so tailored, not so sporty and not so classic. Subtle and sharp navy blue tailored pieces are paired with printed broken heart jumpers, striped shirts, scarf shirts, embroidered animal patterns and the signature nomantic printed fabric of the collection. This print is evoking nostalgia and reminds me of these illustrated postcards, all these holiday souvenirs giving a sweet and touching mood to this collection. Tae Yong is portraying modern time travelers whose printed clothes are like fragmented imprints that create fleeting memories. This is such a moving collection with pieces that have a soul and are definitely speaking for themselves. Nomantic is a word to adopt and I'm definitely into it!

All these pictures come from INAPAD.com

Words by Yann Sackville-West

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