Winter is on its way or is definitely coming according to Game of Thrones infamous slogan. Our habits regarding how we dress are a-changing. Charles & I don't have a separate wardrobe. We have one room full of clothes. Charles has his corner and I got mine, but all the coats and jackets are on one hanging rail. Summer clothes are clashing with winter ones in a sort of organised chaos. I am not trying to boast about it but we have been accumulating so many treasures that I can compare it to Rei Kawakubo's "beautiful chaos" store. Of course, it's a very small version of it. Among all the pieces we have bought knits and sweatshirts have a strong position on our shelves. Charles is much a sweater-sweatshirt guy disliking knits like I hate and despise wearing down jackets. I love heavy/giant/cocoon knits and I love sweatshirts too. These pieces have no secret for me. My ability to choose well is not to be proven. Labels are not so important but some have an odd effect on me. The emotion that comes from a piece or its uniqueness are essential for me when I have to decide what to buy.


COS is known for its minimal inventiveness and its high end affordable goods . They have an eye-catching selection of knits and sweaters that are to die for. Each season they are leveling up the creation and are designing impressive pieces that will obviously become staples in anyone's wardrobe. Oddly enough I don't fall in love with their summer products compared to all the pieces I lately added on my wishlist. According to me, their Fall collection is full of strong propositions. I am so into these pieces that I could launch a Tumblr page called Boring Lifestyles dedicated to COS's take on re-inventing minimalism. So here is a selection of the drama pieces that have caught that my attention. 
Graphic Artwork Yarn Jumper

Contrast Panel Jumper

Roll-Neck Cable Jumper

Raised Jacquard Jumper

Words by Yann Sackville-West

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