Kids with large smiles upon their faces. Huge crowds in shops, stores and malls. Lights everywhere in the streets. A smell of warm wine. Cinnamon. A sense of excitement in the air and Mariah Carey on the radio. Christmas is undoubtedly coming! Are you ready? Have you finished finding the perfect gifts for all your family members & friends? Proudly enough, we have to admit we are ready. Of course, we still have to wrap all our presents (wrapping them is one of these little blissful moments I wouldn't miss for all the gold in the world) but everything has been bought and we won't have to rush into stores at the very last minute. Finding the perfect gift is not an easy task. According to me, this gift must be the perfect equation between something the person will surely love & be surprised to receive and something you'll be happy to buy. Whether it'd be a book, clothes, cosmetics, perfume or something more special & unique, that's not the price that matters (or at least I hope so!) but the little sparkle in the eyes of the person who is unwrapping.

Here is a little selection of the things we'd love to find under our Christmas tree (even if we're still thinking about having one. You know, having both a cat & a tree can be something too hard to deal with^^). Realistic or on the contrary, completely wishful thinking, we just let our hearts guide our choice!

Dior and I DVD - 29.99 euros
Charles: Because we love documentaries about Fashion so much and this one is an exceptional insight into the work of one of the greatest fashion designers of our time. Absolutely unmissable!
Loewe Puzzle Bag - 2200 euros
Yann: This bag is the ultimate "it-bag" that puts an end to the reign of all the other ones. This is the best of the best, a Rolls Royce, the King to rule them all!  

Andy Warhol Polaroid - 74.99 euros
Yann: The Art of portraiture modernized by Andy Warhol using the modern camera of his era. I would love to have his talent (and a brand new Polaroid camera too)!

Grace : Twenty Years of Fashion at Vogue - 165 euros
Charles: The work of an incredible fashion character compiled into one single Bible!

Saint Laurent Boots - 695 euros
Charles: To feel like a Rock star, you will need these! And let's admit it, feeling like a Rock star is a feeling that will never grow old!

& Other Stories Candle - 25 euros
Yann & Charles: One of the most perfect scents on Earth after the Comme Des Garçons Avignon candle and after all those having a Comme Des Garçons label! And also a sweet reminder of our days spent in Stockholm...

Reebok Instapump - 160 euros
Yann: Another Pump that I would love to own because of everything it represents : Past, Present & Future.

Polaroid Camera - 145 euros
Yann & Charles: We love the excitement when you are using this camera! The result is always a surprise no matter if it's a good or a bad one.

Loewe Jacquard Sweater - 890 euros
Yann: This is an example of how good is the Men's Loewe Spring Summer 2016 collection. It means the world to me. I want all of it!

Adele Concert ticket - 51 to 128 euros
Yann & Charles: No matter how good is her latest album, we really don't care! Adele has an amazing voice that gives us goosebumps each and every time. Seeing her live is a dream.


Selection by Charles Margueritte & Yann Sackville-West

2 commentaires:

  1. Love the Dior documentary and would definitely want that under my tree! Also excited to see you like Andy Warhol. I went to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and loved it! Fun gift list. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas too! Thanks for your comment! :-)

    Yann & Charles