Another day, another fashion rumour. This time, it is about Phoebe Philo who would leave Céline. Fashion is experiencing some troubled times and I'm not sure this situation will calm down not anytime soon. Raf Simons leaving Dior. Alber Elbaz fired from Lanvin. Two days ago, Stefano Pilati was leaving Zegna. Where is the fashion world going? This game of musical chairs (even though I'm not sure this is the appropriate word since designers are leaving but going nowhere instead) has been going on since Nicolas Ghesquière & Marc Jacobs respectively left Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. After the initial shocked reactions (honestly could you imagine someone better for these fashion houses than these two geniuses?), we now know that these departures have been for the best. Nicolas Ghesquière is proving once again (as far as I'm concerned, I did not need any more proof) that he is one of the greatest talents with the work he's accomplishing at Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs is fully focusing on his brand, rebuilding it with the merger of his eponymous brand with Marc by Marc Jacobs and a complete revision of his social & marketing image (Goodbye Juergen! Hello David!).

I won't tell you once more how much I love ad campaigns. I think I've told you enough about this passion/obsession. Each day bringing the disclosure of a new campaign is an exciting day for me (Ok, you are totally right to think I'm crazy). I stride across & along the Fashion Spot to get the 1st glimpse and, I also read the comments of the forum members as well (these guys are so mean you can't even imagine!). We are now reaching the time when almost every ad campaign has been revealed (Alexander Wang where art thou??) and I can mentally make out a list of my favorite ones; this list I will keep secret since it will probably be the subject of another article or Top 10. However, I can tell you how much I love the new Marc Jacobs ad campaign photographed by David Sims, styled by Katie Grand and starring heaps of people, each and every one meaning something special to our dearest Marc Jacobs. I all started with single portraits of Lana Wachowski, Bette Midler or Sandra Bernhard. Though I could completely understand why these three women were featured and meant something special to the designer (Lana Wachowski is -apart from being co director of the Matrix trilogy- a trans activist whose heartfelt speech in 2012 after accepting the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award deeply moved Marc Jacobs. Bette Midler is one of the ultimate gay icons & an amazing showgirl. Sandra Bernhard is a standup comedian, actress, bisexual & a strong supporter of gay rights), I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. This collection was such a firework! The celebration of a strong feeling of pride & happiness to live in the United States (the origins of this SS16 collection is the marriage equality law passed in the US last year - to show how much he was proud to be American, Marc Jacobs decided to design an "American" collection whose main colors would be red, white & blue) and I was missing something. The pictures were great that's all. I have such great expectations when it comes to Marc Jacobs!

I wanted craziness! Extravaganza! All the things that made this collection so special, so flamboyant, so memorable. Fortunately, a few days later, some pictures started to emerge and they looked like a dream coming true. I have to tell you that I love when, in a fashion picture, there is a lot of people, when it is a bit messy. Last time, Yann told me I loved name dropping too much. That's true, I plead guilty. The least I can say is that this ad campaign is fulfilling all my fashion dreams. There are models: some American girls standing for this new gen building a new America with their ideals (Natalie Westling, Jamie Bochert, Lexi Boling, Molly Bair, Bella Hadid, Cierra Skye or Riley Montana) or some models Marc loves and with whom he has a special connection (Julia Nobis, Guinevere Van Seenus, Alek Wek, Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima or the legendary Pat Cleveland & her daughter Anna). There are showgirls -making complete sense since this collection was a total show given in the Ziegfeld Theatre of New York- such as Beth Ditto (who walked the show and appeared here with her wife), Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Sky Ferreira, Emmanuelle Seigner or Ru Paul Drag Race's Dan Donigan a.k.a MILK. The list could be longer but I have to fight this name dropping obsession! All these pictures were first shared by Marc Jacobs himself via his Instagram account, along with some cute words explaining why he chose to feature these persons. I am not sure that the Fashion crowd is always as sincere as Marc Jacobs (who, by the way, also appears in his campaign!). I'm under the impression that he does things with his heart and not according to how many millions of dollars he will earn if he puts this person or another. Perhaps I'm being naive. Perhaps I'm just guided by my emotions. If this is the case, I'm totally fine with it. Contrary to all those people who are completely unable to enjoy beautiful pictures with stories behind them and spent their time nitpicking and complaining on the web, I just want to celebrate Marc Jacobs! Dear Mr Jacobs (the title of one of our very first articles on this blog), you are our Hero (I think I can include Yann in this declaration), a visionary man & a wonderful soul. Beyond this celebration of America, Broadway & the American dream, you are celebrating diversity, love & friendship. You are the perfect remedy against Donald Trump & his putrid speech. We'd like to thank you for all these things (and much more!) and have only one question left for you: "Can we please join your tribe?"

Pictures via the Marc Jacobs's Tumblr

Words by Charles Margueritte

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  1. I think the fashion world is also on a crazy move rampage.
    I think Nicholas has proven his awesomeness to us all.
    I am patiently waiting waiting for where all these designers are going like really nervous to know.