Diamonds are said to be forever so is the imprint the Antwerp Six have left in fashion. Our trip to the Flemish capital has a very special meaning since we deeply love and admire the work of these six geniuses and of some others that walked in the same paths, the same corridors of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After a weird and short stay in Brussels, we had high hopes regarding Antwerp and the least we can say is that we are not disappointed at all. Everything in this city has a special glow from the architecture to the people, from its street art to the shopping experience it proposes. Don't misjudge us when we're talking about "shopping experience", we don't care if there's an H&M, a Zara or an Urban Outfitters. The essence of this experience is made of all these shops (such as Rosier41 or Labels Inc) that are curating archive pieces that you wouldn't find everywhere, pieces with a special meaning, pieces you could keep all your life. Keep in mind our fav motto, Vivienne Westwood's word "Buy Less, Choose Well and Make it Last". Antwerp is all about that!

Words by Charles Margueritte

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